Latest Merry Christmas Status for Whatsapp, Facebook

christmas status

50+ Latest Christmas Status | Merry Christmas Wishes in English Are you looking for  Best Christmas Status  in english? so here is the right place we have collected 50+ latest Christmas wishes  so that you need not waste your time searching or typing across the internet for New Christmas Status,Short Christmas Status. Find the right one to wish for the Christmas  or update your Whatsapp status, facebook post on this joys occasion of Xmas. Read Best 5 Merry Christmas Gifts in 2019 | Christmas Gifts Christmas Status, Short Christmas Quotes   Christmas is doing a…

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AngularJS Services Example Tutorial | Beginners Example

AngularJS Service Example

AngularJS Services Example Beginners Guide AngularJS services are substitutable objects that are wired together using dependency injection (DI). You can use services to organize and share code across your app. AngularJS services are: Lazily instantiated – AngularJS only instantiates a service when an application component depends on it. Singletons – Each component dependent on a service gets a reference to the single instance generated by the service factory. To use an AngularJS service, you add it as a dependency for the component (controller, service, filter or directive) that depends on…

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Best Latest WhatsApp status in English [2020] | 50+ Selected Status

latest whatsapp status english

50+ Latest Whatsapp Status In English | Latest Whatsapp Status Are you looking for Best Whatsapp status  in english? so here is the right place we have collected Latest best WhatsApp status so that you need not waste your time searching or typing across the internet for Hindi status for WhatsApp. This collection is for both boys and girls to define their swag. this list cover all latest best status for girls and boys. Here We are giving Large Collection of Best Whatsapp Status in english. Best status for whats app…

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Best Branded Shoes in India in Low Price

puma 2_branded shoes in india

Hello guys here we are another post with branded shoes listing names with their price here we are giving you the list of some best branded shoes in India in low price these list cover with major brand like Puma, Bata, RedTape, Adidas etc. You can also checkout for Peshawari Chappal which is in trend. Top Branded shoe in India [2019] If you have low budget and want to buy shoes so there are number of brands which you can choose from but only few deliver the quality needed. Check…

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Top 10 SMPS Price in India | Best PSU for Gaming [2020]

gaming smps price india

Best PSU for Gaming Power supplies Units (PSU) are one of the key components that prevent the powerful GPU from getting heated up during intensive gaming etc. The new generation of PSU has cool features like performance monitoring and different power mode that enables optimal efficiency along with reduced fan noise. These units provide stability under a heavy workload. If you are having an advanced PC gaming system and using expensive graphic cards, then opting for one of the best SMPS for PC is a must have. Listed below are…

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Punctuality is the key to success | Punctuality Essay

Clock pic

Punctuality is the key to success | Importance of punctuality Every achievement in life is depends on how much hard work you did? In short your victory/triumph is the outcome of your strategies to achieve your goals. However the hard work and achievement is directly related to each other similarly punctuality also the key to success. According to I if a person is not determined to their punctuality , he /she could not get success. Punctuality and discipline is the first step towards the accelerator of success without discipline a…

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Best PS4 Games | New PlayStation 4 Games

playstation 4 game

Best PS4 Games (PlayStation 4 Games):: The PlayStation game has been a hit since inception with very exciting games for kids and adults. The games are in different sections to fulfill different passions and choice of every individual. With years passing by, improvements have been made by the game console manufacturer and the companies that develops the various video gaming discs for unrivaled entertainment of players. The PS4 has been launched 4 years ago but video game developers have continued to improve on the yearly basis to give new versions…

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Recover Deleted Files with Free Software | File Recovery Tool

recover_lost _data

How To Recover Deleted Files with Free Tool | Top Free Data Recovery Software In my experience, accidentally deleting or after formatting hard disk important files or forgetting to backup important files before formatting are quite often. At first when i lost my data in a External Hard-drive crash i didn’t know how to restore my data. But recently i came across these bunch of free software’s which can Recover Deleted Files  from crashed HDD and flash drives.   When recovering data from accidental deletion, there are some rules to follow. 1. Stop using the…

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Top 10 budget PC Cabinets in India (2020)

Budget PC Cabinets

Budget PC Cabinets for your next PC build Picking the right budget PC Cabinets is a monumental decision. Perhaps even more important than choosing the motherboard. The frame you choose decides what components will actually fit inside. It affects how easy your system will be to build, how air will flow across your components, and how your computer will fit into your gaming setup. PC cabinets come in a variety of sizes, from miniscule Mini-ITX systems meant to sit on your desk, to massive full towers designed for maximum expandability.…

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How to Generate Serial Number in Gridview ASP


Generate Serial Number in Gridview ASP: In this tutorial we will see how  we can add Auto Generate Serial Number in Gridview ASP. Before starting tutorial we assume you are aware about grid view in c # which use to display data in a grid system. Here are some simple steps for doing this. Step 1 : Create a Gridview, Simple adding From Toolbox Menu. Step 2 : Add this line inside the <Columns>——— </Columns> tag. <asp:TemplateField HeaderText=”S.No”><ItemStyle HorizontalAlign=”Center” /><ItemTemplate><asp:Label ID=”lblSerialNo” runat=”server”></asp:Label></ItemTemplate></asp:TemplateField> Step 3: add OnRowDataBound Properties in Gridview <asp:GridView…

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50+ Motivational Caption | Motivational Quotas [2019]

motivational caption for instagram

50 Motivational Caption for Whatsapp/Insta/Fb : Are you looking for Motivational Caption 2019 ? so here is the right place we have collected best 50 Motivational Caption for insta so that you need not waste your time searching or typing on the internet for  best motivational caption for instagram, Whatsapp, fb etc. This collection is for both boys and girls to motivates,inspired themselves. 50 Motivational one liner Caption If No Think You Can, Then You  Have To.. The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get Life is about making an impact, not…

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Review of Amazon Fire TV Stick | Buy Fire TV Stick

amazon fire tv stcik.jpg

Amazon Fire TV Stick connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. With a huge selection of Bollywood, Hollywood and regional language movies, TV episodes, voice search that actually works, it’s the easiest way to enjoy Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Music, Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube, Eros Now, Gaana, music, games and more. If you are going to buy, here is the releated thing which is most useful for you have a look first come with the setup process of fire tv stcik which is very easy in the below…

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Best Gadgets under 2000 rupees | Electronic gadgets under 2000

Tech gadget under 2000

Best gadgets under 2000 rupees | Electronic gadgets under 2000: Gadgets are an amazing gift for everyone be it a wireless earphones, pockets speaker, a cooling pad for laptop or electronic wrist band etc. And if a quality product from a good brand can be owned for as low as Rs.2000 or lesser, then it is like icing on the cake. Listed below are few best gadgets under 2000 rupees that makes a very good gifting option for the near dear ones or to pamper one own self:- 1. JBL GO…

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Earn Money From YouTube | YouTube New Policies For Video Maker/Channel 2019


Earn Money From YouTube :: Do you want to earn money from YouTube ? YouTube started in  February 2005 and in November 2006 google bought the YouTube. It allow user to earn money from there video. it advertise revenue from google ad sense. As YouTube gets over one billion unique users a month: that’s a large audience. Generally with each 1000 views you can earn 1-2$ money, it can be depends on geographical location. Recently YouTube has been changed the policies from 16 Jan 2018, so here we will tell…

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