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Haryanvi Status

The word Haryana literally stands out for “The Forest Land of Hari” and the Indian state Haryana came into the existence on 1 November 1966. From all the Indian States, the Haryana gained the biggest number of rural crorepatis, thus making it the state with the richest rural peoples. Being a homeland to the richest rural crorepatis Haryana is said to be the wealthiest state of India and that is why Haryana shares the second-highest capita income in the country. The largest district of the Haryana is said to be…

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Come across what you might have missed in 2019

A throwback into 2019 2019 gave us plenty of new information that we can collect from all across the globe. The year ended left us with a lot of amazing and mind-blowing discoveries that change the way we see things around us. We are well- versed with the lines “Explore more to Learn more”. This would definitely help us learn new tidbits of stunning trivia that blew our mind. 2019 famous facts or highlights ranged from human- sized penguins to the landing of Chandrayaan. Here are the most amazing highlights…

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