Amazon Prime Redmi 4 Sale Today at 12 PM


Amazon Prime Redmi 4 Sale Today

To purchase the Redmi 4, you will need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Log into your account a few minutes prior to the sale at 12:00 PM today.Please save the payment instruments securely in your account for a quick checkout.

Step 2: Add Redmi 4 to your cart when the Sale starts and checkout the product within 15 minutes. No further steps are required if order is successfully placed.

Step 3: If all the Redmi 4 are already added to cart by other customers, you might be asked to join a Waitlist. We recommend you to join the Waitlist. If the original buyer fails to complete the order within 15 minutes, the smartphone will become available for purchase to the customer in Waitlist.

Step 4: If you are in Waitlist, an alert will appear on your screen notifying when the smartphone becomes available with the ‘Add to Cart’ button activated.

Step 5: You will have 3 minutes to add the smartphone to your cart and 15 minutes to checkout in order to complete your purchase.

Step 6: If the Waitlist is full as well, we recommend you to refresh the page every few minutes till end of the Sale to see if the Waitlist becomes available.

We hope you find this useful. Happy Shopping.

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