Casteism In India – It’s Origin and Impact Today

Almost everyone knows what is the caste system in India and how is deep rooted its in India. Well it defines who they sit with , eat with , socialize with and how are the individuals of the family  treated in the society .The origins of this caste based system is from the ancient Hindu literature and texts – The rig veda and the brahmin textual’s from the which the concept of the Hinduism is originated as well. Caste is in the Indian terms is called ‘Jaat’ which is originated…

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India- China escalated tensions maybe towards a war ?

As we all mourn to the deaths of our soldiers that happened due to a escalation of conflict on the disputed border between India – China , here is a detailed description and stating the whole situation as it is along with what are the reactions from both sides and the repercussion. Since this  a news which can be interpreted a lot of ways we are trying to be as much authentic and using information from authentic sources . Read till the end and let us know what are your…

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Transgender Community – various aspects regarding it

Transgender / Transpersons , queer , gay , bisexual have you ever considered knowing this community better ? Gender variations are probably more common than you think .Transgender is a huge community with a wide diversity of people and each of the definition changing with the evolving times . Some of these definitions would not be agreed upon , but this is for you to get acquainted with this community . First I would want to start with what is PRIDE month , when and why do we celebrate it…

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Eco-Friendly products to use for a better planet


Currently the whole environment is rebelling against us for all the better treatment we have given to our environment . I mean i couldn’t believe to say that we stand nowhere today in this fight and are helpless because of our surroundings that nice helped us to live. So this is another post but unlike others I am going to give a list of products that are fit to use post Covid-19 or in any era but the important point here is to use them as they are not only…

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Go Desi with these local websites

Go Desi with these local websites So who doesn’t love the comfort of shopping online , everything is delivered on your step just with a few clicks. I mean all I know since advent of Amazon , Walmart , Alibaba my visits to the malls in real life have reduced by only If I want to visit the gaming centre to chill. Now since major proportion of our lives are so ,much dependent on delivery guys aka the ecommerce industry I present to you the idea of going desi quite…

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How to Make Money Blogging in 2021 (Full Guide)

Grow Your YouTube Channel

Yes, you read it correct you can make Money through your blogs . Some people start blogging just as a hobby but if who does not want a side income , those extra pennies could make you a fortune. So you would be thinking that there thousands of bloggers and but let me clarify they are all  making a good money out of it . Some are full time bloggers who use different techniques to make their blog visible. Now see when I started had no clue but over the…

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Wajid Khan passes away but his groovy tracks are still in minds

wajid khan and his music

One of bollywood’s finest Music composer Wajid Khan of Sajid-Wajid fame died in the early hours of Monday. The 42-year-old was admitted to Surana Hospital a few days back due to kidney infection. The news of his demise was confirmed by music composer Salim Merchant. He was a composer of bollywood’s some huge quirky music tracks and has worked with Salman Khan on many films. His death came as a shock to both his industry colleagues and the fans who took to Twitter to express grief and offer condolences to…

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Netflix’s best to for every mood you have

Netflix’s best to for every mood you have | what Netflix shows to watch All hail to the pleasure that’s not guilty. Always felt you need a partner for every mood you’re going through , but sometimes happens that you do not have the right companion?. Even if thats not your case you should still go through this article as by the end of it you’ll have a great bunch of shows/movies that will help you through your different mood. People don’t generally love movies/series that are not the genre…

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Bill gates and the ‘microchip’ conspiracy for coronavirus vaccine tests

bill gates coronavirus

To start with , the world’s facing a great outbreak and people are quarantined in their homes. This has lead to people making many conspiracy theories and spreading fake news about different types of vaccines or misinterpreting what the eminent personalities in media are saying and making it viral through fake videos and meme’s. foe more correct coronavirus related update visit the WHO website. Bill Gates who is actively sharing his opinions and trying to find a way to get the vaccine for this brutal pandemic that has broken down…

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Movies Recommended by known directors as a must watch

must watch movies

Must Watch Movies Hello you guys! can relate to Tyga’s new song max ?   Bored of bingeing the same films on your list here’s a heterogeneous variety of mix which will you help you gain better understanding of cinema and its art. There are films that have never been able to have a box office hit and a no star cast but have an appeal to the society and leaves an impact on us. This list may have some classics, some that are totally unknown to you , some…

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Tik Tok vs Youtube the ongoing battle and it’s Controversy

tik tok vs youtube controversy

Tik Tok vs Youtube Controversy It all started with an Indian Youtuber ‘Carry Minati’ posting a video roasting all Tik tok  stars. That video had created a viral sensation crossing almost over 70 million and adding to Minati’s 16 million reach by 8 million plus subscriber’s . Now this video was removed by You tube as it was violating terms and services but the fans did not quite react well to this decision of You Tube. There is a wave of asking justice for #CarryMinati and #JusticeForCarry showing up as…

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Rumour’s all over ?… Is the cyclon ‘Amphan’ at your doorstep next

news about cyclone amphan

Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan was a powerful tropical cyclone which caused widespread damage all over East India and  Bangaldesh. It was the strongest storm to strike the Ganges Delta since Sidr in 2007. Amphan was also the first super cyclonic storm in Bay of Bengal since 1999 Odisha cyclone , as well as the second-most intense tropical cyclone worldwide 2021. We write this inform to you how to be less panic and act rationally when the cyclone hits your city. read further to analyse and know more about the danger…

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Positive news stories that will inspire you to fight this lockdown in a better way

Coronavirus has taken over the world in a disastrous way. Humans from all around the globe have been quarantined , isolated or under a lockdown almost from the start of 2021. Amidst all this tumultuous news cycle, a little good news can be a welcome change of pace. We collected some good news stories, from efforts to help people know about the good news about the world and environment today. In this hard times people are  still finding ways to acknowledge their loved ones and keep their spirit up to…

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