Tik Tok vs Youtube the ongoing battle and it’s Controversy

tik tok vs youtube controversy

Tik Tok vs Youtube Controversy It all started with an Indian Youtuber ‘Carry Minati’ posting a video roasting all Tik tok  stars. That video had created a viral sensation crossing almost over 70 million and adding to Minati’s 16 million reach by 8 million plus subscriber’s . Now this video was removed by You tube as it was violating terms and services but the fans did not quite react well to this decision of You Tube. There is a wave of asking justice for #CarryMinati and #JusticeForCarry showing up as…

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Rumour’s all over ?… Is the cyclon ‘Amphan’ at your doorstep next

news about cyclone amphan

Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan was a powerful tropical cyclone which caused widespread damage all over East India and  Bangaldesh. It was the strongest storm to strike the Ganges Delta since Sidr in 2007. Amphan was also the first super cyclonic storm in Bay of Bengal since 1999 Odisha cyclone , as well as the second-most intense tropical cyclone worldwide 2020. We write this inform to you how to be less panic and act rationally when the cyclone hits your city. read further to analyse and know more about the danger…

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Positive news stories that will inspire you to fight this lockdown in a better way

Coronavirus has taken over the world in a disastrous way. Humans from all around the globe have been quarantined , isolated or under a lockdown almost from the start of 2020. Amidst all this tumultuous news cycle, a little good news can be a welcome change of pace. We collected some good news stories, from efforts to help people know about the good news about the world and environment today. In this hard times people are  still finding ways to acknowledge their loved ones and keep their spirit up to…

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