Best Non Chinese Laptop Brands in India [2021]

Non Chinese Laptop Brands

Best Non Chinese Laptop Brands in India [2021] there was a time when we preferred brands who assembled and served world wide. But we all have wondered. Are their such products which may or may not manufacture or are established in certain country. Also the ongoing scenario. Which is India – China boarded tension. The citizens of our country are being patriots . They are taking steps to boycott Chinese products . Time to time we all have seen the tag mark saying ‘made in China ’ on every other…

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Top headphone brands in India | Best Earphones

headphone brands india

Top headphone brands in India | Best Earphones | Headphones in India earphones and headphones are now not just some another accessory to your mobile phones or laptops or any such gadget. They are essentials. In the present scenario when entire world is suffering from COVID -19. Companies asked their employees to work from home. Schools have taken initiative to teach students online. The gamers have made it their life mission to be the most hardcore gamer. All of them require one thing which is very common. That is earphones…

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Animal Rescue Organization | World of Animal Rescue | Shelter | Adoption

Animal Rescue Organization

Acknowledging the work and love of all individuals and organisations.   Animal rescue & shelter There was a time when humanity was just another characteristic of a person,  it used to be a normal thing . Now humanity is something very rare to find in a person . We speak about humanity as if it is as rare as hen’s teeth. Today this treatise is about animal cruelty and rescue.  It is to raise one’s hat to all the animal rescue organization and not only renowned organizations but also those…

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Travel on shoestring budget | Travel guide

travel on a budget

Goa plans , a Europe trip or a world tour I’m very sure , everyone must have planned these at some point of their lives.  But the question here is that after planning do you go on these trips and tours , let me guess “no ” you didn’t or maybe you will go but just not yet , am I right or am I right . MONEY  , that one very significant requirement to travel, to make those plans a success and to execute them . In this expensive…

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