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Best affordable external lenses that can turn your mobile into DSLR

The Smartphone camera is usually not able to capture the magic of DSLR so there are ways to turn a Smartphone into such cameras such as lenses that can be carried around easily by and can capture pros like selfies and pictures. Listed below are few best budget mobile camera lenses that can turn your phone into a DSLR easily Along with their prominent features:-

Best budget mobile camera lenses

1)    Rewy universal 12 X zoom mobile phone telescope lens with adjustable clip holder

This lens can be screwed on any handset with the help of the clip provided and can turn the Smartphone into the camera having 12x Optical Zoom. The clip oldest and enables clipping the lens to any brands handset as it can fit snugly onto the device and helps to magnify the image in the camera to 12times that means more sharper and clearer image.


Ideal for taking pictures from a distance, the super wide-angle with large luminous flux provides higher visual accuracy. The anti-reflection black ink in the internal of the lens absorbs stray light besides minimizing the internal Reflection. Barrel of the lens is made from UV resistant ABS material and has a high gloss surface finish. SF coating on the black lens gives it an elegant look. Very easy to install, the lens is ideal for concerns, trips, news reporting, and long distance shooting.

rewy mobile camera lenses

2)    Aukey 3-in-1 Clip-on cell phone camera lens kit for iPhone and Android smart phones   

 This mobile camera extra lens is a great product that can take photography through the iPhone or any Android Smartphone to the next level through its accuracy and sharpness it adds to the images. This set includes wide-angle plus Micro Plus fisheye lens so that sharper photographs and sceneries can be clicked on the traveling and trips. It comes with the perfect alignment feature for any mobile device and weighs around 27 g only. It is made up of optical glasses along with aluminum alloy. This helps to focus on the subject be it wildlife, event, flowers, scenery and even the selfie with the details. The lens comes with a flexible clip and lens cap that enables fixing it to different mobiles.

mobile camera extra lens

3)    Skyvik Signi Pro 2-in-1 clip on the mobile camera lens

The great lens for mobile phones it has PureView 0.45X wide angle lens that helps to capture more view without with vignetting. The lens kit includes 0.45X wide angle lens +15 X macro.


The laser cut convex lens is ideal for professional as well as amateur photographers. The SuperMax 15X Macro lens enables keeping more object area in the image. The lens has been made from aluminum alloy. Its coated glass helps to reduce reflections and light flares. Coming with a detachable clip with soft rubber enables attaching the lens to any mobile handset without worrying about scratches.  The mobile camera lens price has been kept affordable to attract both classes and masses.

mobile camera lens price

4)    3keys universal professional HD camera lens kit

This good quality lens made up of the metal frame is very solid. With this mobile camera lens DSLR like quality photos can be clicked via Smartphone. The lens includes 0.45 X wide-angle lens that enables clicking great landscape photographs. 12. 5X macro lens unable is clicking sharp pictures in the close proximity of 50 MM from the subject. Having a new design universal clip enables attaching it to any 37MM thread digital SLR pro lens on the mobile handset. It has high quality rimmed glasses that reduces light reflection around the lens edges. These high-quality professional grade lenses are constructed with multi-coated optical grade glass and aluminum housing. The weight of these lenses around 99.8 g.

mobile camera lens DSLR

5)    Syga Cell phone camera lens

The mobile camera Zoom lenses enable capturing clear and sharper pictures and selfie. It is made up of advanced glass shell along with a durable and detachable clip that enables clamping it on to any mobile device. It comes with the eyepiece gap so that the lens can be used as a telescope when it is not attached to the device. Acting as a phone telescope the lens has good 12X zoom and focus features that helps using it at the zoo, conserved or watching games in the stadium. The lens is compatible with iPhones and other Smartphone having the dimensions of 10.9×4.8×4.6 cm.

mobile camera Zoom lenses

6)     Teconica Universal 12x zoom mobile phone telescope lens

This lens can turn a smartphone into a DSLR camera as it has 12 X optical zoom. It comes with a clip holder stand for the complete compatibility with all the phones be it Android or iPhone. It helps to magnify the image by 12 times and the images are sharper and clearer. Weighing around 81.6 g only the lens with the manual focus allows taking DSLR quality photographs from the mobile handset even from the distance. The super wide angle can be clipped with large luminous flux that offers higher accuracy. Internal auntie reflection black-ink of the lens absorbs stray light and minimizes internal reflections. The barrel of the best budget mobile camera lens is made from UV resistant ABS material and has a super high glossy surface finish on the light lenses. Also, there is an excellent rubber SF coating on the black lens that makes them more durable. Compact design and easy to install and operate features of the lens helps Adjust thing at multiple angles with the minimum focus distance of 3 m. The clip-on design helps to avoid the contortion of image.

12x mobile camera lenses


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