Positive news stories that will inspire you to fight this lockdown in a better way

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Coronavirus has taken over the world in a disastrous way. Humans from all around the globe have been quarantined , isolated or under a lockdown almost from the start of 2021. Amidst all this tumultuous news cycle, a little good news can be a welcome change of pace. We collected some good news stories, from efforts to help people know about the good news about the world and environment today. In this hard times people are  still finding ways to acknowledge their loved ones and keep their spirit up to fight this pandemic. Let us see the positive news that is inspiring people around the globe today.

Coronavirus Is Taking on…Pollution?

good news from lockdown

India has been having a quality air time as people from all over post images of different locations via which you can see the the beauty of the country. For instance People in the northern Indian state of Punjab are reacting with awe at the sight of the Himalayan mountain range, which is now visible from more than 100 miles away due to the reduction in air pollution caused by the  for the first time in 30 years in India.

In addition to that india’s annual carbon emission fall for the fisrt time in four decades.This is not only till the COVID-19 measures stay put but also in future it is going to have some drastic changes.

Meanwhile, in Venice, a notoriously stinky city, Facebook user Marco Capovilla shared Marco Contessa‘s photos of the shockingly clean canals in the Facebook group VENEZIA PULITA (Clean Venice).all in all the amount of pollution has been reduced from in many countries.

Read forward to know some more positive news

Reduction in crime …isn’t it a win win?

South Africa has seen a 75% drop in violent crime during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, rival gang members in Cape Town are teaming up to collect and distribute food and essential goods to those in need. Overall, Chicago’s crime declined 10% after the pandemic struck, one of America’s most violent cities , drug arrests have plummeted 42% in the weeks since the city shut down . Major crimes- rapes , burglary , assault, grand larceny and car theft are seen to be decreased considerably. India has seen a sharpest decline in Delhi and Karnataka as a considerably few number of crimes have been. Registered.

Donors from all around the world become willy Wonka to millions out there.

White Framed Rectangular Mirror

Marathon ran by a pet is helping to raise funds to donate thousands of books to children who can’t to school or afford books to study in these times. Yes you read it correct, Jim and Arabella Wood took Bandit out for a walk with their kids each day to raise money for The London Children’s Book Project and the At The Bus art charity.Both organizations are putting together bundles of books and creative resources that will be handed out to thousands of young people in the Oxfordshire area.

In this another story an anonymous donor paid for thousands of students who were in debts. More than 400 California college graduates were left overwhelmed with joy and surprise earlier this week after they were told that anonymous donors had paid off their student debt.The unidentified benefactors paid off the debt by donating more than $8 million to Students Rising Above (SRA), a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that helps send low-income, first-generation college students through college and provide them with personal guidance, mentoring, internships, and career guidance.Despite how 100% of SRA students are from low-to-moderate incomes and 62% are living below the federal poverty line, however, the average SRA grad finishes school with $8,000 in debt.

Meanwhile the celebrities and CEO’s of the companies still keep doing charity and donating for the PPE testing kits for COVID and other for other facilities.

Birthdays with a quarantine twist

good news from lockdown

While many switch to celeberate their birthday’s virtually video calling with their friends and families there are a few who are finding or being surprised by their loved ones in more creative ways to make their B-day special

A caravan drive-by party-

Meg Reggie has a large blended family of eight kids, who are now grown and out of the house. She decided to throw a surprise 61st birthday drive-by party for her husband, Rick Butgereit, on April 18. “He’s a fun-loving party guy, and more of a buddy to my kids,” she explains. On Rick’s birthday, the kids drove to the child’s house closest to hers and lined up for the drive-by.

She set up a table and two chairs in her driveway, complete with wine and music, and asked her husband to sit there at 6 p.m. “The kids rolled by around 6:15 p.m.,” she says and neighbors also started singing, “Happy Birthday.” Some cars had birthday balloons and some had banners and signs.

Maison L’Hotel spa day-

New Jersey-based Lauren Rosen was scheduled to celebrate her 50th birthday on April 21 in Morocco with her family. “I think my family wanted to go to the extreme to make the day extraordinary,” she says. To make up for the missed vacation, Rosen’s family turned her entire house into a hotel experience called L’Hotel Maison for the day. “The night before my birthday I entered my bedroom to find my bed all made up hotel-style with a little chocolate on the pillow, my itinerary for the day, and my key card for my room,” she says.

Parents recreate a Mcdonald’s drive thru to give their 2 year old her favourite birthday treat.

Nike to create special shoes for workers and donate 10,000 of them

After designing a special athletic shoe for healthcare workers that can withstand 12-hour shifts, Nike has donated 30,000 pairs to hospitals across the United States and 2,500 to hospitals in Europe.

The company is also sending more than 100,000 additional apparel items, including compression socks and sportswear kits, as a ‘thank you’ to frontline workers.

Nike described the Air Zoom Pulse, released in November, as the “first shoe designed for the healthcare athlete, an everyday hero.”

The kicks are made of a special material that is easy to wipe down and clean, and designed to be worn for the 12-hour shifts that include five miles of walking with less than an hour of sitting.

In addition these are few quick headlines of good news from India, as the lockdown has been extended in many parts of India and the plight of the migrant labours who are walking their way home  we share some news to help you calm down a bit

  • Home ministry has said that India’s crossed total number of coronavirus cases than china but fatalities are very different china lost around 4000 people but India has lost around 2000 which is the half as much for the same number of cases.
  • Uttar Pradesh government has asked all the hospitals and nursing homes which had been shutdown due to lockdown to start their services for non-covid treatments.
  • PM cares fund has allocated 1000 crore rupees for the migrant labourers , 2000 crore rupees to buying ventilators and 100 crore rupees to vaccine development.


we tend to look out for the positive wen we face something extremely negative in our lives. Similarly we hope this has helped you to keep those blues away.


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