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travel on a budget

Travel on shoestring budget | Travel guide

Goa plans , a Europe trip or a world tour I'm very sure , everyone must have planned these at ...
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Transgender Community – various aspects regarding it

Transgender / Transpersons , queer , gay , bisexual have you ever considered knowing this community better ? Gender variations ...
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Eco-Friendly products to use for a better planet

Currently the whole environment is rebelling against us for all the better treatment we have given to our environment ...
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wajid khan and his music

Wajid Khan passes away but his groovy tracks are still in minds

One of bollywood’s finest Music composer Wajid Khan of Sajid-Wajid fame died in the early hours of Monday. The 42-year-old ...
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Netflix’s best to for every mood you have

Netflix's best to for every mood you have | what Netflix shows to watch All hail to the pleasure that's ...
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bill gates coronavirus

Bill gates and the ‘microchip’ conspiracy for coronavirus vaccine tests

To start with , the world's facing a great outbreak and people are quarantined in their homes. This has lead ...
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must watch movies

Movies Recommended by known directors as a must watch

Must Watch Movies Hello you guys! can relate to Tyga's new song max ? Bored of bingeing the same films ...
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news about cyclone amphan

Rumour’s all over ?… Is the cyclon ‘Amphan’ at your doorstep next

Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan was a powerful tropical cyclone which caused widespread damage all over East India and  Bangaldesh. It ...
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Positive news stories that will inspire you to fight this lockdown in a better way

Coronavirus has taken over the world in a disastrous way. Humans from all around the globe have been quarantined , ...
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Glorify life boosting immunity with Giloy Juice 

There exist hardly anyone who is not familiar with the Giloy plant. This an ayurvedic herb that has been used ...
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increase instagram followers

Tricks to increase followers on instagram | Tips and Tricks 2021

How to Increase Instagram Followers ?? The popularity of Instagram, social media handles, is increasing day by day. The app ...
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invest in gold in india

Invest in gold and equity market in India at times of coronavirus

Every sphere of mankind has been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. The implication of this outbreak is much ...
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utilize time at home

How to utilize free time while at home owing to Coronavirus spread 

The reality of COVID -19 is long a story in a vacuum. Today the new reality shouts at people to ...
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dark web browser

How to safely access the dark web | dark web browser

Dark web, as the name suggests is considered as the darker side of the internet, sometimes rumoured to be a ...
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Non Chinese Laptop Brands

Google’s Fuchsia OS – The Fusion for Universal operating system

Google Fuchsia os – The Fusion for Universal operating system Google fuchsia OS is an open-source capability-based operating system currently ...
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holi festival image

Holi Festival | Joyful and Colourful Festival

Holi Festival – Bestowing colors and hues of joy to lives Holi is the festival of colours that is celebrated almost ...
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best selling books in india

India’s bestselling books- Inspiring the awe in reader

Best selling books in India Based on the List published by newspapers, magazines, the publishing industry and book trade figures ...
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Clock pic

Punctuality is the key to success | Punctuality Essay

Punctuality is the key to success | Importance of punctuality Every achievement in life is depends on how much hard ...
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Gif Dance

Best GIFs that Dances on every Songs | GIF Dance

Here are Best GIFs that Dances on every Songs that you Play. Play any Song and Enjoy: Try Now: Read ...
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Top 10 best Sci-fi Movies | Imdb Rated best Sci-fi Movies

best sci fi movies highest rated (2010-2017):: Here are the list of best sci fi movies from 2010-2017. As we ...
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Feature Image for Useful Websites you wish you knew earlier

Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier!

There are over 1 billion websites on the world-wide web today. This milestone was first reached in September of 2014, ...
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coding Nightmare

10 Worst Nightmare About Programming

Many developers are afraid of bugs that only occur randomly and can not be replicated in a controlled environment. That ...
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50 Little Life Advises to make your Life Beautiful

Some Life Advises that will make your life much more beautiful: It has been a challenge for scientists and philosophers ...
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11 Most Viral Photos Listed By Google 2018

11 Most Viral Photos Listed By Google 2018 We have 11 Most Viral Photos that broke the internet which is listed ...
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yogi aditynath

Yogi Adityanath: 10 Things You Should Know About Yogi Adityanath

Image By: Liveuttarpradesh BJP chose Yogi Adityanath as the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Here are 10 things to know about ...
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Rochak facts about “Aardvark”

What is "Aardvark"? The aardvark(/ˈɑːrd.vɑːrk/ ard-vark; Orycteropus afer) is a medium-sized, burrowing, nocturnal mammal native to Africa. It is the only ...
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Why we should wear gym supporter during the workouts

Why we should wear gym supporter during the workouts Athletic supporter or Gym supporter or jockstrap consists of an elastic ...
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Most Expensive Virginity | Top 5 Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold

Here is the list of  Top 5 Most Expensive Virginity Ever Sold....... Some are money intended to buy a house ...
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Top 10 Simple Things Every Computer User Should Know How to Do

Top 10 Simple Things Every Computer User Should Know How to Do No matter how tech savvy you are, there ...
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eyes affacted

computer vision syndrome | HOW YOUR EYES AFFECTED BY LAPTOP OR PC ?

Computer Vision Syndrome :: What is CVS ? Whether we are school or home or office every where we are use ...
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How can you make bootable Pd (Pendrive)

Make bootable pd (Pen drive) You can boot from PD and install any OS like win xp,7,8,9 , linux etc. This ...
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