Rumour’s all over ?… Is the cyclon ‘Amphan’ at your doorstep next

news about cyclone amphan

Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan was a powerful tropical cyclone which caused widespread damage all over East India and  Bangaldesh. It was the strongest storm to strike the Ganges Delta since Sidr in 2007. Amphan was also the first super cyclonic storm in Bay of Bengal since 1999 Odisha cyclone , as well as the second-most intense tropical cyclone worldwide 2020. We write this inform to you how to be less panic and act rationally when the cyclone hits your city.

read further to analyse and know more about the danger through cyclone amphan

West Bengal and Odisha has been devastated by this powerful cyclone on Wednesday, strong winds upturned cars and electricity poles resulting in parts of the city plunged into darkness . It is categorized as a ‘extremely severe cyclonic storm’ which has resulted into evacuating lakhs of people and it is way more tough as in the time where we are lethal to each other’s proximity.

As we have been informed that the cyclone is moving towards other parts of the country people all around have been mortified as this cyclone is a catch-22 . Awareness is been the key to everything here’s a link to track the live updates for cyclone –

A few things you need to know about this cyclone-

  • Amphan, pronounced as “Um-pun”,  will cross West Bengal-Bangladesh coast between Digha and Hatiya island, close to Sunderbans, after 4 PM and with a wind speed of 155-165 km per hour gusting to 185 km per hour.
  • Indian Navy is constantly monitoring developments in Bay of Bengal. Naval ships have been kept on standby in Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam.
  • Cyclone Amphan is a current example of: the most powerful cyclone ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal, intensifying into a super cyclone and reaching sustained winds of 270 kph (165 mph) — the equivalent to a category 5 hurricane.
  • Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, the main airport in Kolkata, appears to have been hit fairly hard by Cyclone Amphan.

Photographs show significant flooding at the facility, including at least one aircraft that was damaged in the storm.

this cyclone has caused many more fatalities and damage to the people and millions have been evacuated from West Bengal and Odisha

What can we do to reduce the anxiety and danger?

Fear and anxiety is always going to take over us but how do we act rational. To act practically you need to ask yourself are you cyclone ready ?

Before cyclone

  • Ignore rumour’s, keep updated follow news avidly through tv news channels or following journalists on twitter or Instagram.
  • Keep all your valuables and documentation in waterproof container’s , keep your house and carry out all repairs
  • Prepare for an emergency go to kit with essential items for safety and survival

During and After cyclone

  • Switch all electrical mains, gas supply off, keep your doors and windows shut.
  • If you feel your house in unsafe evacuate pre hand , rely only on official government notices and keep listening to radio.


Twitter took a toll with people posting their plights in West Bengal

Vice President of West Bengal M. Venkaiah Naidu today expressed anguish at the loss of lives due tp cyclone Amphan and appreciated the administrative machinery of West Bengal and Odisha for ensuring timely evacuation of people . “deeply anguished by the loss of lives and devastation caused to crops and public and private properties by Ampan cyclone in West Bengal and Odisha “, he also appreciated state’s administration in the hard hitting time.

Meteorologists have expressed the possibility that winds of 60 to 65 kmph may be blowing in coastal districts of Bengal on Tuesday. The speed of the storm can increase to 95 km on Wednesday, causing widespread damage. The sea will begin to become turbulent with the storm moving towards the land. In view of this, the administration has started moving people living in the maritime areas to safe places. Fishermen have been strictly advised not to go to sea.

News about cyclone amphan

Advice to fishermen

Fishermen are strictly advised not to venture into the southern Bay of Bengal during the next 24 hours, the Central Bay of Bengal during 17–18 May and the northern Bay of Bengal during 18–20 May 2020.

Odisha government issued warning for these places

Thunderstorms along with thunderstorms have been issued by the Special Relief Organization of the Odisha Government in Keonjhar district, Jhoompura, Keonjhar, Patna, Sahonpada and Champua blocks and Sukrauli, Raruan and Karjia blocks of Mayurbhanj district.

NDRF takes over in Odisha and West Bengal

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has sent 10 of its teams to Odisha and seven to West Bengal to deal with any situation in the wake of cyclone ‘Amphon’.

NDRF is monitoring the situation

In West Bengal, NDRF teams are stationed in South 24 Parganas, North 24 Parganas, East and West Midnapore, Howrah and Hooghly and in Puri, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Balasore, Jajpur, Bhadrak and Mayurbhanj in Odisha. The NDRF is monitoring the situation in the wake of the storm and is working with the states and their disaster management teams and IMD.

Sand artist gave a message to be safe with sand sculpture

Sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik conveyed the message of being safe from people through sand sculpture. According to the news agency ANI, he said, “After a year of cyclone, a cyclone is coming again. I request all of you to follow the guidelines issued by the government. Keep yourself safe and your family safe too.”

Source –indyaspeak

Concluding it with the message the you have probably been hearing since the start of this pandemic ..pretty easy to guess right?

STAY HOME STAY SAFE and be prepared to maybe even swim your time out , panicking is not going to make it any easier so use your time to be productive and try to keep your mind busy.


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