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Tik Tok vs Youtube the ongoing battle and it’s Controversy

Tik Tok vs Youtube Controversy

It all started with an Indian Youtuber ‘Carry Minati’ posting a video roasting all Tik tok  stars. That video had created a viral sensation crossing almost over 70 million and adding to Minati’s 16 million reach by 8 million plus subscriber’s . Now this video was removed by You tube as it was violating terms and services but the fans did not quite react well to this decision of You Tube.

There is a wave of asking justice for #CarryMinati and #JusticeForCarry showing up as the two top  twitter trends.


This has resulted into a wave for asking Tik Tok ban for the fourth time in India . Fans have aggrevated on instagram and you tube in attempts of bringing the video back.

Meanwhile, Carry breaks his silence over this by releasing a rather emotional video of himself, his first after the row with YouTube, clarifying various claims and dialogues, especially ‘mithai ki dukan’ comment that according to him was ‘misrepresented’ by people. In his new video, titled, ‘Stop Making Assumptions, YouTube vs TikTok: The End,” the YouTuber addressed all that he has been facing lately, also calling out homophobic and bigotry comments.

Many Twitter users object to his hindi comments. Hence, Carry released a video, where he revealed what his dialogues were actually meant and how translating his jokes from Hindi to English, changed the meaning of his roast drastically. #RoastNahiFryKarunga Funny Memes and Jokes Continue After Harsh Beniwal Posts ‘A Day With Cringe TikToker’ YouTube Video. 

In addition to fans various popular Indian youtubers have shown their support in comments to Carry Minati .


Tik Tok has faced alot anti support from all Indians users who acclaimed to be in support of Carry. However it has not resulted into a mega loss as people have nothing to do in the lockdown and majority of Indian teens and other’s have been influenced by various celeberities who make tik tok videos.  It is also a source of income to many influencers who make their content based on tik tok videos. This controversy has had a lot of other aspects which has yet not been included by fans into consideration before outraging. So we cannot conclude anything as of yet but there’s one thing –

This post on Instagram gives us an insight into all art’s a unique form of expression . Hence before judging or making comments on anyone just think what it takes literally to express oneself.


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