Positive news stories that will inspire you to fight this lockdown in a better way

Coronavirus has taken over the world in a disastrous way. Humans from all around the globe have been quarantined , isolated or under a lockdown almost from the start of 2020. Amidst all this tumultuous news cycle, a little good news can be a welcome change of pace. We collected some good news stories, from efforts to help people know about the good news about the world and environment today. In this hard times people are  still finding ways to acknowledge their loved ones and keep their spirit up to…

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Invest in gold and equity market in India at times of coronavirus

invest in gold in india

Every sphere of mankind has been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. The implication of this outbreak is much larger than the previous ones like ebola, SARS, swine Flu, MERS or bird flu. Moreover, the coronavirus outbreak has a lot of factors by its side that has been adversely affected by its outbreak: the Healthcare sector, entire cities across the world under Quarantine, spreading rapidly with each passing day and environmental impact. The stock market is also one of the segments which has seen the greatest volatility in the…

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