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Most Expensive Virginity | Top 5 Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold

Here is the list of  Top 5 Most Expensive Virginity Ever Sold…….

Some are money intended to buy a house some are sell her innocence to pay for her mother’s medical bills.Here is the list of top five most expensive Virginity ever.

1  Natalie Dylan

Natalie Dylan


The 22-year-old Natalie Dylan auctioned her virginity through Moonlight Bunny Ranch to fund her Master’s degree.

Natalie Dylan


After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies she went on Howard Stern to sell her virginity to pay off her college education.
she received $3.7 million for her virginity.

2.  Raffaella Fico

The 20-year old Italian model and competitor of “Big Brother Italy 2008” put her purity up for auction. With the money she intended to buy a house in Rome and pay for her acting classes.

She promised to drop her underwear for $1.8 million. She said ‘if I don’t like in, I’ll just have a glass of wine and forget about it’.

Raffaella Fico Most Expensive Virginity

Raffaella Fico Most Expensive Virginity

3.  Graciela Yataco ($1.3 million= 8,69,95,917.21 Rs)

The 18-year-old Graciela decided she should sell her innocence to pay for her mother’s medical bills.
Reportedly she is the one who started the entire virginity auction trend. Her innocence was a subject long debated and one time a Canadian man offered her $1.3 million for a date.

Graciela Yataco

4 Elizabeth Raine$ 801,000 = 5,36,02,868.99 Rs

medical student “Liz Raine” turned virginity selling into a science. Her masterfully-designed auction website, complete with a link to the PR company who managed her bid, contains an entire page devoted to Terms and Conditions of the arrangement; legal clauses like “Sexual Intercourse means insertion of a penis into a vagina”; and a promise to donate 35% of the sale to a charity that provides education to women in developing countries.

Elizabeth Raine Most Expensive Virginity

5 Catarina Migliorini– 780,000K $ =5,21,97,550.33rs

This 21-year-old Brazilian Model is going where no celibacy seller has gone before. Her 2012 auction debut fetched $780,000, but fell through when the winning Japanese bidder pulled out.As weird as it might seem, the girl insisted that she is not a prostitute, and she was doing it to raise money to build homes for poverty stricken families in her hometown. And to make a positive impact on the world

Catarina Migliorini

.Catarina Migliorini Most Expensive Virginity



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