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Mineral Oil Cooled PC – Aquarium PC’s

Mineral Oil cooled PC Submerged Computer :

Mineral Oil Cooled PC

The point of this project:

The custom mineral oil pc project has always been intended as a cool conversation piece, and a fun do-it-yourself project. While there are certainly some thermal advantages, submersion cooling is usually not the best solution for overclocking. Due to the risk of tank failure if the oil reaches temperatures above 50C, it is not recommend submerging overclocked or extremely hot hardware in this system.

Does the mineral oil fry the electronics ? :

Mineral oil is not conductive. It may look like water, but it behaves very differently. Pure mineral oil does not have the free electrons necessary to conduct electricity.


What mineral oil to use?

White Mineral Oil from STE Oil called “Crystal Plus 70T”.

How to add more oil?

The  problem occurs, where oil would wick down the cables, causing a very slow “leak”. It is solvedby having no cables run directly into the oil, but rather use a connector at the top of the tank. This breaks the suction or siphon effect. Since then, there is absolutely no drop in oil level.

  1. Where should the hard drive and CDROM be placed?The had drive is not submerged, but rather hid it inside the plastic molding on top of the aquarium. There is no CDROM drive — plug in a USB drive when needed.
  2. Why hard drive cannot be submerbed?While the oil is not conductive, it is viscous. If oil were to get inside the hard drive, that would be the end of the drive — the platters wouldn’t be able to spin at full speed, and the read heads would be restricted from free motion. Since hard drives have small holes to equalize air pressure, oil will get inside.

Mineral Oil Cooled PC

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Mineral Oil cooled PC

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