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Future with AI course in India | Artificial Intelligence

Future with AI course in India

Becoming an artificial intelligence engineer is a Very lucrative career because by the year 2025 every segment of life would be impacted by artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts. These concepts will be foraying into a wide range of industries such as transportation, logistics and transport, Health care, insurance, and even customer services. The demand for certified AI engineers is on the continuous rise with very few qualified people in the world eligible for this job having the required skills.

Social media site, Facebook has recently launched an AI project to improve chatbots. Its facial recognition feature allows identifying the people in the photos and also gives suggestions for tagging. Likewise Google, Facebook .Inc and Inc. are a few of the big names involved in Artificial developing and searching the developers.


AI is commonly used in speech and voice recognition such as Google assistant, Amazon Alexa etc, and strategic games or in self-driving cars with the aim to create an intelligent system or the machines that can think and behave like an intelligent human.

ai courses in india

Use of AI in different sectors of economy

Some of the industries where artificial intelligence is being applied are:-


Artificial intelligence course is a better career option for those who are fascinated with modern technology and has a strong desire for computer coding, learning and building AI. The prerequisites for the courses are the basic understanding of statistics, linear algebra and probability theory along with python programming language.

Institution in India offering Masters in AI

Number of institutes in India offers the Masters course in artificial intelligence such as:-

  • IIT Madras
  • ISI Kolkata
  • IIT Bombay and
  • IISc Bangalore

Rules of AI professionals in major organizations could be as a Data engineer, research scientist, machine learning developer, Automation and Optimization engineer, Game developer and more.

Listed below are few of the programmes focusing on AI and machine learning through the regular classes or the online medium

  • PG diploma in machine learning and AI – upgrade and IIITB

The online courses offered by the institute covers machine learning and AI concepts in collaboration with IITB and Uber. The program has been mechanized for the working professionals with a background of maths, statistics, engineering or analytics so that they can have access to the practical knowledge that speeds up the transition into advanced data science and machine learning roles.

  • Foundations of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning by IIIT Hyderabad

This course for the duration of 15 weeks acts as a Force multipliers in attract attracting funds and projects from other big entities of private and government nature.

  • M Tech computer science specialization in artificial intelligence- UPES

The course offers specialization in artificial intelligence, image processing, data analytics, and security. In-depth knowledge of the four key domains in computer science and engineering are offered via this course that helps the enterprise and its business applications to grow.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning training – TechCrunch

This is the online course that can be watched live on the LED. The main essence of the course is rendering core development and programming experience. It also makes the learner an expert in writing algorithms for AI applications are you, fuzzy logic, NLP, SVM, machine learning and more.

  • Artificial intelligence Nanodegree – Udacity

This nano degree program consists of two terms for the duration of six months each.

  • Artificial intelligence training – Zekelabs

This course is for Python programmers who are looking to use AI algorithms in creating real-world applications and techniques.

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence – myTectra

This live online class and classroom from Bengaluru offers artificial intelligence training to implement the mathematical idea in machine learning and understanding the various applications and processes of learning algorithms.

  • Artificial intelligence in machine learning training in Bangalore – Zenrays

This is one of the best training in AI and machine learning offered in Bangalore both through classroom and online training.

  • Throughout India, Intellipaat offers A Deep Learning training course which enables candidates to work on the latest AI technologies. The training programme is aimed to help master the various aspects of artificial neural networks, convolutional neural network, Percept runs, natural language processing, speech and image recognition, transfer learning and another aspect of AI.

In artificial intelligence, the course includes the following topics:-

  • Designing and building on intelligent agents and put them to practical AI projects such as knowledge-based systems, probabilistic models, games and more.

  • Understanding and mastering the principles of machine learning.

  • Understanding neural networks, robotic software, and multilayer data abstraction

  • Applying artificial intelligence techniques Problem-solving

  • Natural language processing (NLP and its components)

  • Use of Python programming language in AI

India’s AI venture

CAIR( Centre for artificial intelligence and Robotics) founded by DRDO, defence research, and development Organisation in 1986 is the example of India’s AI venture which is using It in the areas of technologies like communication security, intelligent systems, Information Systems, communication, and networking etc.

Drones and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) is another example of AI-powered machines for surveillance and other industrial applications. Banks like HDFC and SBI uses chatbots for handling various consumer grievances.

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