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Cryptocurrency is something you really need to be aware of. It’s a digital dollar which is impacting the real world and everyone around the world has been using it in recent times. It’s so much easier to purchase or sell cryptocurrency these days. You can now trade from your smartphone from the comfort of your home. Even offline establishments are using it at a global level. Considering the facts, we believe that it is essential for everyone to be well-educated in terms of picking the best Cryptocurrency trading app for android in 2021. Our aim is to prepare you for the future of money.



Why should I use this app?

eToro is a trading app which lets you connect and share marketing strategies with a community of users who are already a  part of the eToro family. The main reason to get this app is because it is perhaps the best trading application for users who like to connect globally. It’ll take you on a trading journey which will benefit you in terms of personal growth.


What are the perks?

On opening a brand new account, you avail $100,000 so that you can practice trading cryptocurrency in a virtual portfolio. Using this application will enhance and build-up your skills. You’ll be able to use over 30 tools and indicators which is highly beneficial. Moreover, you get a feature where you can withdraw unlimited amount.


Why should I use this app?

Gemini is an app which started its journey in the year 2015. This app has gradually  made its way up among the most popular choices for cryptocurrency traders. By using this amazing application, you will be able to stay on top in terms of market trends. The tools offered by Gemini are so easy to use that you can learn everything in no time. It’s one of the best app options if you want to track market prices from the comfort of your home.


What are the perks?

It’s a brand name so you can be absolutely sure that its high quality. It has high cybersecurity and custody solutions. You can create a free account and get started immediately. The application is fast, user-friendly and you can buy and trade coins in no time. By using this application, you’ll be able to get discounts and payback offers on high-volume trades. It also supports recurring buy orders. It’s the best app if you enjoy simplicity.


Why should I use this app?

If you’re a beginner, this is the best android cryptocurrency trading app to learn about cryptocurrency and get involved in it.  It allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency with ease. All you need to do is complete the verification process and use your bank account to get started. One disadvantage is that Coinbase isn’t available everywhere, but being a beginner you don’t need to worry about that.

What are the perks?

This application is available in 32 countries and it’s only expanding on a large scale. It’s a big brand which will let you buy digital assets instantly. The users can also opt for insured Bitcoin deposits. Moreover, this app supports various major cryptocurrencies.

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Why should I use this app?

Robinhood would be the right choice for you if you’re a casual trader. This applications is extremely popular especially among first-time-investors as it doesn’t charge a single penny when you start using it. If you don’t want to get too deeply involved but you want to be aware and trade at your convenience, you need to get this app on your android.

What are the perks?

Robinhood allows $0 trades which means that you’ll be able to trade without making any payment for the commission. It not only provides the core basics but also additional features and services which you are bound to love. It also supports stock, options and ETF Trading. Like it has been mentioned, it’s the best app for first-time-investors, so you also don’t need to have a minimum account balance.


Why should I use this app?

The Delta application is supported on both iOS and Android. It is by-far the best tracker for your bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies. So, if you’re looking for the best tracking app, this is it. Moreover, there are many perks included if you decide to start using this application. It will allow you to see coin prices and market charts based on the currency you choose.

What are the perks?

Easily get personalised notifications for your own convenience. You can see market overviews, watchlists, and detailed trading analysis. Another benefit is that you can have more than one portfolios, so multiple portfolios. Moreover, you will be able to sync up to two devices. It’s also super easy to use this application and you’ll learn all you want quite quickly.


As cryptocurrency is trending and extremely useful, you should at least have basic knowledge for your own good. The best part is that it isn’t as difficult to trade as it sounds as everything can be done through an application on your smartphone. There are obviously certain risks involved in trading so you need to be well-learned about the Cryptocurrency market. To understand how cryptocurrency works, you can also consult an expert or go through online information. So, begin your adventure in the trading market and choose the most appropriate cryptocurrency trading app for android today.


Q: What is a cryptocurrency?

ANS: Cryptocurrency is essentially an online currency used for virtual exchange and online transactions. What this means is that it is a representation of money in a digital market. It allows one to trade and so much more by avoiding any addition fees that is usually charged by the banks.

Q: Why use cryptocurrency?

ANS: Cryptocurrency provides anonymity and high security for the users. You can make transactions which cannot be reversed or faked at any point. The banks are known to charge high fees but when you make transactions online, you get plenty benefits. The fee which needs to be paid comes down to a low level making it super convenient for everyone.

Q: What are the most common cryptocurrencies?

ANS: The most common cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.

Q: Which is the best app for cryptocurrency?

ANS: The applications which have been mentioned above are one of the best applications which you will find on the app store. They are highly convenient, user-friendly, and many perks are included. To choose the best one for yourself, you can go through all the information and decide what you would personally prefer.

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