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Download YouTube video | 3 ways to Download YouTube video

3 ways to Download YouTube video Without Any Software

how to download youtube videos in mobile ? Sometime you want to download YouTube video or online video downloader but you have no working software so here is it the trick how you can download the video without any software ….. lets do it …

Method  1 :   Here is the list of Some website which downloads  YouTube video directly from YouTube Link


   (i)copy the link from YouTube

download youtube video


 (ii) Paste it on any of the Listed Site 


9x buddy


(iii) Click continue and download…….

Method 2 :: Add ss in the starting of video and enter 


download youtube video

download the video without any IDM
Method 3 ::: use add on or Extension in browser
some useful extension are listed in pic…..



 Now you can download the video direct from You Tube .


download youtube video


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