Should you buy Amazon Prime Membership?

With Amazon Prime sales on hype. There might be moments when you decide whether to buy Amazon Prime membership or not. Well just let us help you to decide:

Amazon Prime Banner


With amazon Prime you get:

  • Free and Fast Delivery (Of up-to 100 Rs.)

    Free Dilivery Amazon Prime


  • Free Amazon Prime Membership.

    Amazon Prime Videos

  • Deals are Available Earlier then Normal Users and Extra Deals for Prime Members only.

    Prime Deals


Calculating Profit:

You should buy Amazon Prime Membership if:

  • If you order books or other products frequently (Most of which have Delivery Charges).
  • You order more than 50 products a year.
  • You like the Amazon’s video streaming service Amazon Prime Videos


Calculating Losses:

If you rearly buy products then you might not need amazon prime Membership at all.

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