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How Much Do Divorce Lawyers Make?: Marriage is considered as a holy union of two people in general terms but this union is also recognized formally and legally. When two people get tied to a wedlock, getting registered under a certain marriage act is mandatory. However things always don’t work as planned so when a marriage falls apart, people turn to divorce lawyers. To keep a cool head and act in their best interest people hire these trained professionals who have specialized in family and divorce laws. These days divorce has become a common matter. As time is changing so is people’s emotional distress that is eventually leading to increase in divorce cases. However the status of these cases varies with culturally different countries. 

If we observe it properly it is not as simple as it looks. To get a divorce proper rules and regulations must be followed.  Divorce settlement is a crucial thing that can only be handled skilfully.



Divorce attorneys are specialized in divorce law, family law and ethics. So after graduating and completing their law degree, divorce law aspirants specialize in the above mentioned domain. Clearing the bar exam in order to get a license from the state, in which the aspirants are intended to do practice is also necessary. The path pursued by any divorce lawyer is similar to that of any other type of lawyer except for the chosen field of specialization. Rookie lawyers often opt to do an internship under the guidance of some experienced divorce lawyer to get a hold on the job profile as well as to see how much money do divorce lawyers make. The interns not only get to know about the work environment and work pressure but they also gradually turn themselves into an acquaintance of divorce law and jurisdiction.


Divorce is a process that comes with rampant emotions and sometimes even with treachery. At such times of crises divorce attorneys must have to be prudent and competent. A simple mistake can ruin the life of their clients. To win confidence from his client, opposite counsel, other attorneys related to the court and the court itself, a divorce lawyer has to be people- oriented.  Divorces are emotional matters and must be dealt smoothly. One may face tantrums and emotional outburst coming from the opposite party as well as from his own client but the divorce lawyer must always keep his cool.


Usually people are in a hurry and wish to settle the divorce case immediately  but this process may take three to twelve months or maybe more. Many legal aspects have to be addressed while terminating a marriage. Separation of debts and assets among the spouses is also necessary. If there are children then which of the parents will get the child custody and child support has to be decided as well. Most Of the time of a divorce lawyer is devoted to examining evidence, drafting documents, reviewing the paperwork of their clients that includes tax bills, insurances, property papers, will and others. The main focus of divorce lawyers is on child custody and alimony. 



Separation through court orders is carried out by a divorce lawyer and only that is considered as legal separation. 

Pre divorce counseling is an important procedure to make the clients feel at ease in the court during the trials. The lawyer should treat the client in a friendly manner and should handle the emotional instability of his client calmly. How much do divorce lawyers make is also decided by the interpersonal skills and sanity of the attorney.


The exact figure of a divorce lawyer’s salary can not be determined. But with the spiral uprising of the divorce cases it can be said that the earnings of divorce lawyers will be higher than what it is now in the upcoming years. The jobs in the domain of divorce law and family law are supposed to be increased by 10% in the years to come. On average the salary of a divorce lawyer can range from $48,000 to $80,000 per year. The hourly rate the lawyers charge will increase as they build their reputation. Time management also has a say in deciding how  much do divorce lawyers make. Someone who is a veteran will handle the cases more smoothly and quickly and hence is able to make his annual income in six or even seven digits. In contrast the fledgling lawyers may find it difficult to get a case worth rewarding handsome payment. The key to increasing pay slip is hard work and continuous practice. The top divorce lawyers charge up to $300-$400 per hour or even more.

The median annual salary of divorce lawyers according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016 was $118,160 which undoubtedly has been increased till now. 


Divorce attorneys work in civil courts exclusively. They specialize in family and divorce laws and hence deal with related cases. They guide their clients skilfully in the unsettling situations and settle the cases while counselling their clients and helping them to deal with emotional distress and feel at ease during case trials. Unique set of skills is required to be a divorce lawyer. Communication skills, tactful thinking, calm and composed behavior and knowledge about the law and procedures are to name some of them.


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