Creating the Shortcut for Scheduling Shutdown and Aborting Shutdown

Scheduling Shutdown and Creating the Shortcut for Aborting Shutdown after Clicking on Shutdown

1) For Scheduling Shutdown open Command Prompt (Win+R)

2) Now Enter Command ” Shutdown /s /f /t xxx “, Here XXX represents time in seconds.

3) After Entering the command the Systems will automatically shutdown in Given Time…
For ex: I entered 3600 sec.
4) Use shutdown -a to abort any scheduled Shutdown..


1) Create a Shortcut as Shown previously containing location as ” Shutdown /s /f /t xxx “. XXX being the time in seconds..

2) To abort a scheduled shutdown or to abort a shutdown Just create the shortcut with following location.. ” Shutdown /a”.

3) Just give name to the shortcut.
4) Just Double Click on it whenever you want to cancel a shutdown after u have accidently clicked on shutdown or have when you have created a scheduled shutdown..

Now Enjoy..



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