Locking Folder in Windows

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Locking Folder (With-ought any Software)

There are a lot of methods that can be used for Locking Folder. Most require the use of some third party software, but we have a neat method for hiding folders with some commands.

  •   Open Command Prompt (Run as Administrator)
  •  Open the Location Where the Folder Exists   

   1) Copy the path given in Address bar. 

   2) User “cd” followed by “Folder name”

       Ex: – cd “D:new Folder”  will open the folder for named “new folder” which is in “D Drive”

   3) Enter “Drive path”

        Ex: – D: will open the “D drive” with the path you entered above.

To directly open the folder in given location.

  •  Type the Following Commands (To Lock)
    •     cacls “Folder Name” /p “user name”: (“user name” With-ought double quotes)

 Note: “User name” is the Name of the account for which to Lock the Folder.

       Ex: – cacls “Folder” /p  Guests:N  will lock the folder for the Guests Account 
            and cacls “New Folder” /p  Administators:N   will lock the folder for the Administrators Account.

    • If Prompted By Are you Sure (Y/N)  press  Y

  • Congratulations! Your Folder is Locked now.

  •  Type the Following Commands (To Unlock)

a.       cacls “Folder Name” /p “user name”:F  (“user name” With-ought double quotes)

b.      If Prompted By Are you Sure (Y/N)  press Y


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