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Do you want to make dynamic and conditional logic form so here you learn how to make form in WordPress without any coding knowledge. There are plenty of WordPress plugins available to create form in WordPress but i will recommend you to install  Caldera Forms plugins because it is easy to use. 

First thing is you have to do Download caldera form .


Some simple form processing plugins can manage simple input but what if you want to create a sophisticated form with conditional logic. So it is the good plugin for doing that before going to make form let us understand what is conditional logic ? . Conditional logic form or conditional fields form is nothing but the form with conditional fields. Conditional form allows us to show or hide the form fields conditionally. suppose that you have created a drop down list of countries, conditional form shows the list of the states of the selected country in another drop down box and if you select state it will shows district in another drop down box. i think now you know what is conditional form so lets start with making it.

1.1 Creating a new form:

Caldera Forms in one of the most robust WordPress form builders currently available, and, in combination with some of our extensions, can allow you to create a wide variety of forms that might include:

  • Standard Contact Forms
  • Registration & Login Forms
  • Dynamic Forms – where fields can change based on the users answers
  • Customer Application Forms
  • Product Purchase Forms
  • Support Ticket Forms
  • Newsletter Sign-Up Forms
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Various types of Calculators
  • Feedback Survey Forms

1.2 Steps to create a form from a template

Step 1: Go to the caldera forms admin page click on new form.
dynamic form wordpress
Step 2: Create a new form
Step 3: Select a template and enter form details.

dynamic form wordpress

3.1 Add a form field
dynamic form wordpress


Add a form field by clicking and holding the Add Field button and dragging it to a row or row part, then releasing the mouse click. This launches the Form Fields pop-up window. Insert the form field by clicking on Set Field.

Form fields are setup into 5 types:

Basic – This includes Single line Text, Hidden, Email Address, Button, Phone Number and Paragraph Textarea fields.

Select – This includes Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio, Autocomplete, Date Picker, Toggle Switch, Color Picker and State/Province fields.

File – This includes File Uploader and Advanced File Uploader fields.

Content – This includes HTML Content field.

Special – This includes Gravatar, Calculations, Range Slider, and Star Rating fields

dynamic form wordpress


3.2 Using Form Conditionals

Conditional groups are a set of rules that apply to groups of fields that dynamically change the form layout.

Steps to create and use a conditional group:
Step 1 : Go to the caldera forms admin page and create or edit a form

Starting from the WordPress Dashboard, you can navigate to the Caldera Forms Admin Page by hovering over the Caldera Forms icon and in the drop-down menu clicking on Forms. Create a new form by clicking on New Form in the top Caldera Forms menu bar. Edit an existing form by hovering over 1 form from the list of built forms and clicking on Edit. You are now in the Caldera Forms Layout Builder.

Step 2 : Go to the conditions tab and create a condition

You can navigate to the Conditions tab by clicking on Conditions in the Caldera Forms sub-menu bar. Add a conditional group by clicking on Add Conditional Group , then giving the new group and name, and pressing the Enter keyboard key.

Step 3 : configure the conditional groups and save the form

Setup your conditional group by selecting a Type from the drop-down menu and clicking on Add Conditional Line.

There are 3 types of conditional groups for fields:

Show: Fields in this group are shown if the conditional logic’s conditions are met.

Hide: Fields in this group are hidden if the conditional logic’s conditions are met.

Disabled: Fields in this group are disabled if the conditional logic’s conditions are met.

Adding a conditional line displays 3 options, left to right:

What Field To Compare? Select one field to base conditional on.

What type of condition? Is that field equal to, not equal to, etc…

What Value To Compare To? Which field or variable value to check against

dynamic form wordpress


Some output after making form:

dynamic form wordpress

dynamic form wordpress



Now you learn how to make dynamic form in WordPress, If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend, or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you!

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