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Debit cards can be such an important part of our lives. Some people don’t have money management skills as they can have a hard time keeping tabs on how much they have spent. Having a debit card ensures that that you don’t overspend or rack up credit by using a credit card. For example, children aren’t experienced in handling their pocket money or their earnings if they’re working. However, they should learn about how they can be independent in terms of managing their money. Having a good credit card is highly convenient and your child can make cashless purchases without depending on you. Signing up for the best debit card means learning financial responsibility and everything will depend on how your child chooses to spend. So take your pick from the list of the best debit cards for under 18 in US.


1. Bluebird Prepaid Debit Card

Why you should get it

The Bluebird Prepaid Debit Card is from American express. It would be a great choice as it will allow you to open a sub-account for your teenage child. The main reason why you should get this card is because you’ll have parental control which will allow you to keep a check. Moreover, if you have more than one child this would be perfect. It lets you open up to 4 sub-accounts. Subaccounts come with their own login credentials along with a prepaid card. You can set daily spending limits for your child, disable purchases or ATM access, get balance alerts, or freeze the card from the Bluebird mobile app or your online account.  This essentially means that you will have full control over your child’s account to stop them from mismanaging their funds.


What are the perks

The best part about this card is that there is no monthly maintenance fee. If you want to transfer to other Bluebird account holders, you will not be charged with any fee. You will also have free ATM withdrawals at more than 30,000 MoneyPass ATMs. Adding cash at Walmart or direct deposit is also free and easy. If you decide to sign up online, the $5 card fee for buying the card at a retailer will be set aside.

FamZoo Prepaid MasterCard

Why you should get it

FamZoo is one of the greatest choice as its good for education of your child.  FamZoo offers an iPhone and Android mobile app with various educational features which are known to be quite beneficial. The apps offer chore lists, purpose-driven accounts, savings goals, instant transfers, real-time alerts, and much more. The whole idea is for your kids to learn how valuable it is to work and earn money. A great feature that it offers is that you can set up penalty fees if your child does not complete the chores.

What are the perks

There isn’t a set up cost which is bonus. There is also no fee for making direct deposits from payroll checks. You will be able to use bank transfer with no fee charged by FamZoo, although your own bank may have a fee of up to $3. To add to the safety, there is a feature of sending parental alerts. There are also no transaction fees. Overall, it’s a great deal.


TD Go Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card

Why you should get it

The TD Go Visa is a reasonable choice as it offers many features as per the comfort of the parents. If you’re looking for a safe, easy, and convenient way for your teen to make purchases, this should be your go-to card. It has a chip technology for fraud protection so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your child. Monitoring your teen’s spending online is also much easier. You can create an email and text alerts that will tell you about the card’s remaining balance or any other account information that you require. Another benefit that it offers is the Apple Pay™ feature as you will be able to pay in more ways.

What are the perks

It is easy to  reload the card at any time. You can either do it online or by using your smartphone which is highly convenient. It also comes with Apple Pay. The TD Go Card charges a fee of $1 per reload, but there are no other transaction fees or any other fees for a matter of fact.

gohenry: Best for Customer Service

Why you should get it

gohenry is a very classy and a convenient choice as it offers the best customer service. You’ll be able to contact customer case 7 days a week or speak with an agent through live chat or email. This wonderful card offers you a joint account where you can conveniently set up weekly allowances, spending limits, goals and much more. Another great feature is that your child need not be a teenager because the age limit if from 6 years all the way up to 18 years. Even though gohenry charges an amount of $3.99 per month, you can have a free trial for a month.  The app can be used by your child where they can learn about  earning money, budgeting, saving, spending, giving money to charity,etc. You don’t have to worry about the safety as there is a state-of-the-art chip security system which allows PIN-protected transactions.

What are the perks

One of the best perks are that there is a possibility of using this card abroad which isn’t offered in many other cards. There are also easy-to-use features when you’re making transactions and using the application. Moreover, if you find yourself facing any issues, you’ll easily be able to access the customer services.


It’s essential for your children to be self-efficient when it comes to handling money. Proving them with a debit card will help them learn how to save money, make transactions, etc. The world is growing at a pace so every child needs to be informed and smart enough to understand how online transactions work. So, is there anything better than teaching your child all of this in the safest way possible? If you don’t trust your child with their spending habits, you will have parental authority over their accounts which means the funds cannot be misused in any way. So, take your pick out of these best debit cards for under 18 in US and sign up today.


Q: Are teen debit cards a good Idea?

ANS: Definitely, it’ll make your teenage child independent and it’ll be a great learning experience as your child will learn how to handle their money with ease. It would benefit them in the future as well when they are eligible to have independent debit cards.

Q: What is the age requirements to get these debit cards?

ANS: Most of these cards are for teenagers which means they should be between the ages of 13- 18. However, if you go through the details, you’ll find that there are options for opening subaccounts even if your child is under 13. So, pick one which is the most appropriate for you and your children.

Q: Is it safe for my child to use these debit cards?

ANS: Absolutely, these debit cards offer high security as you will have the access to your child’s account. You restrict your child from certain activities and monitor the transactions. Also, the pin system makes sure that it’s completely safe to use these cards. Moreover, they’re specifically for teenagers and children so all the necessary measures have been taken to guarantee the security required.


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