Best WordPress plugins for blogs | Top 5

As the WordPress is using widely for developing the website so deciding the good and best WordPress plugins are hard to find… don’t worry here is the list of top 5 most essential WordPress plugins which have every site or blog must be, the list of plugin which are shown here are my personal choice which i am using for developing the web pages easily and beautifully.These WordPress plugins are covering your security to page building.

1. All In One WP Security (for securing the website like session time, firewall etc.)

This plugin will improve your Security , here is the list of the security and firewall features offered in this plugin:

  • User Accounts Security
  • User Login Security
  • Database Security
  • File System Security
  • Brute force login attack prevention
  • Front-end Text Copy Protection
  • Security Scanner
  • WhoIs Lookup


2. Contact Form 7 (for feedback form)

  • Contact Form can manage multiple contact forms (most usable wordpress plugins for blogs).
  • customize the form.
  • Using Ajax CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering.


3. Elementor (advanced front end drag & drop page builder making home page)

This plugin is awesome makes so much easy to design the web pages and it offers

  • most advanced front end drag & drop page builder.
  • Create high-end, pixel perfect websites at record speeds.
  • Any theme, any page, any design.
  • Mobile First. Mobile Editing.
  • Undo / Redo & Revision History.
  • Canvas. A Blank Page Template for Landing Pages.
  • Built-in Maintenance Mode & Under Construction


4. Post SMTP (for mail Setup)

  • easy to setup SMTP mail.
  • It can detect firewall blocks.
  • Log and re send all emails
  • Security Support: SMTPS and STARTTLS (SSL/TLS)
  • Copy configuration to other instances of Post


5. TinyMCE Advanced (visual editor in WordPress)

  • Support for creating and editing tables.
  • More options when inserting lists.
  • Search and Replace in the editor.
  • Ability to set Font Family and Font Sizes.


So these are the Top 5 essential best WordPress plugins, let us know which is your favorite and why in bellow comment section, hope you like it and Thanks for reading. …….


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  1. Great collection! Thank you very for sharing this wonderful post. I have been using User Blocker – WordPress plugin to block or unblock any unwanted user account in by blog. A user can be blocked by role or username for specific day & time OR date range Or permanently.

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