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Eco-Friendly products to use for a better planet

Currently the whole environment is rebelling against us for all the better treatment we have given to our environment . I mean i couldn’t believe to say that we stand nowhere today in this fight and are helpless because of our surroundings that nice helped us to live. So this is another post but unlike others I am going to give a list of products that are fit to use post Covid-19 or in any era but the important point here is to use them as they are not only good for our health but also for nature’s living . Isn’t it ironic the more eco-friendly products we use we are not only saving harm to the environment but to ourselves as well .


Zero Waste KIT - 5 Piece Set Eco-Friendly Set Includes Knife, Fork, Straw, Teaspoon, Cleaning Brush with a Travel Bag - Reusable Utensils- Perfect for Office, School & Travel, Bamboo utinsels


This is complete bamboo utensil set for your lunch and daily use it includes everything you need fork. spoons. knives , cleaning straw …. This is set totally usable for multipurpose as this is made out of one of the finest woods and is completely sturdy , durable for a long use of time . As mentioned above totally no harm to the environment carry these anywhere to your picnics or travel reducing the use of plastic .


Got a gift ? , you do not have to use those plastic or gelatin wraps as we  bring to you this beautiful gift wrap with a mesmerising smell that will drive your partner or the receiver crazy


2)  The only stationery you need

eco friendly pencilThis nest pack is all you need for your stationery . Use this to not only look cool but also live a more sustainable life .buy_button.jpg

Handmade Paper diary with jute mottled paper inside .Paper used is 100% Eco Friendly and is Tree Free

3) Eco-Deodrant Bar –

deorent eco friendly products to use

Ethique Eco-Friendly Deodorant Bar, Rustic – Vegan, Non-Toxic, Aluminum Free, Baking Soda Free, Scented With Lime, Cedar-wood & Eucalyptus Sustainable Deodorant, 100% Compostable and Waste Free, 2.47ozE. With a vision to change all their customers  fan eco-friendly products they are nailing it . With almost a huge fanbase abroad they save around a construction of 5 million bottles . Ethique is 100% sustainable using biodegradable wrapping , ethically sourced products, made from natural and effective ingredients. Better for you. Better for the planet. Their goal is new to save 50 million by 2025 help them go shop and use their products.


This is for all you ladies –

4) Ecotools Makeup brush Cleaner –

makup eco friendly products to use

Cleanses makeup brushes, applicators, and makeup sponges without leaving oily residue on the bristles. Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and free of parabens, phthalates, and petroleum-based ingredients. Safe for use once in a week , totally environmentally friendly make up brushes, cleansers and other beauty care products with high quality .


5) Mist Jute Yoga Print Eco-Friendly Bag

Have a ton of shopping to do and loads of shops to go , these bags will come handy as your and nature’s sustainable partner to carry all those weights that you have .

jute bag eco friendly products to use


I got you on this one right ? these bags will perfectly fit all your needs . These small steps will make a vast difference m don’t ask the vendor to give you a plastic bag carry all your stuff paper wrapped in these sturdy jude bags.


6) How about wearing a cotton mask ?

Cotton masks-

cotton mask eco friendly products to use

We all know how the world is going to look like post Covid , full of masks right ? Why not make it a little fashionable and designer as well for all your women who want safety and rock the look , Go ahead and check out these masks . Constructed of three layers of 100% cotton with a thread count 180, and have a thick and tight weave.Comfortable and breathable, one size fit of all, covers the nose and chin, thin, soft and durable ear loops can be covered with hair.


Go on enjoy these products and let us know if you find even better products.

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