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computer vision syndrome | HOW YOUR EYES AFFECTED BY LAPTOP OR PC ?

Computer Vision Syndrome :: What is CVS ?

Whether we are school or home or office every where we are use the PC or laptop . PC or laptop became a very important part of our daily life . According to a survey India have more then 30% persons are using PC and our country have 3rd number of all over world in using internet . As computer helpful  in our life as well as it is harmful our health . On this article we will say what is the effect of PC on our  eyes . Our eyes are most sensitive part of our bodies . So we should take care of this . When we are seeing TV we are maintain the distance between our eyes and the television but in doing work of PC and laptop we can’t maintain a proper distance . In that time our eyes have no movement . At a long time our eyes focused on a single things . That time many  problems are arise which are known as computer vision syndrome .

The symptoms of computer vision syndrome:-computer vision syndrome
The most common symptoms include :-
(1) Headaches
(2) Focusing difficulties
(3) Burning eyes
(4) Tired eyes
(5) General eyestrain
(6) Aching eyes
(7) Dry eyes
(8) Double vision
(9) Blurred vision
(10) Light sensitivity
(11) Neck and shoulder pain

Precaution for CVS-

We can see this symptoms on that person who are working daily on pc or laptop 2-3 hours. You can prevent this syndrome doing some precaution . You should check your eyes to eye-expert in 4-5 month either you have problem or not. Take a break Give your eyes a rest by focusing on a distant object at least 10-15 minute break reduce eyestrain. Look away from the computer screen every 10-15 minutes. Use the pair of computer glasses to prevent double vision. Adjust your workstation and chair to the correct height.Place your monitor directly in front of you, not off to one side. It should be about 20 to 26 inches away from you. Make sure the brightness and contrast of your computer monitor are at comfortable viewing levels. Maintain good posture at your desk: keep your back straight and your shoulders back. Also, avoid direct glare from windows and lighting.Increase font size on your computer screen. You should eat the vitamin A contain meal like milk, carrot etc. It will save your eyes to became dry.


Computer Vision Syndrome affects millions of office workers, students, and retired people,teacher who are computer users. Only when they eyes can clearly focus at the plane of the computer screen can the patient experience relief from the fatiguing effects of Computer Vision Syndrome.

Reference: Read More About CVS [External Link]

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