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Best Non Chinese Laptop Brands in India [2021]

Best Non Chinese Laptop Brands in India [2021]

there was a time when we preferred brands who assembled and served world wide. But we all have wondered. Are their such products which may or may not manufacture or are established in certain country. Also the ongoing scenario. Which is India – China boarded tension. The citizens of our country are being patriots . They are taking steps to boycott Chinese products . Time to time we all have seen the tag mark saying ‘made in China ’ on every other products we buy and use . So now it might be a hurdle for our patriots . To make it little easy . Today we are focusing on category : Laptop . The Best non – Chinese laptop brands in India . We would like to bring this in notice that . The information given below may or may not be 100% accurate . But we have made sure to make it as efficient as it can be .


Best Non – Chinese laptop brands in India [2021]

1 . Hewlett-Packard company (HP)

HP logo 2012.svg,Non Chinese Laptop Brands

When it comes to HP we all have our experiences with their products . Good bad all kind of . But we know one thing . that it has made it’s name among the most renowned brands in certain period of time. It was established in the year 1939. On January 01 . The founders are Bill Hewlett , David Packard. The headquarters is in Palo Alto , California , U.S. . They serve world wide , a across  globe .



The product line :

  • Scanners
  • printers
  • HP Software products
  • laptops
  • tablet computers
  • mobile  phones
  • business notebooks
  • desktop calculators and computers
Hp Office Headquarter,Non Chinese Laptop Brands
Office Headquarter (PC :

the list goes on it is never ending . HP may not have always had the best reputation. But the latest HP Laptops have taken some design cues . From Their contemporaries and have Really raised the bar . The current crop of notebooks are fast , powerful . They are easier for consumers to adopt for their personal projects . They are also quiet lovely  with the new gem – cut design . Through it all HP has earned its reputation for reliable laptops with very competent customer services . Today HP regularly goes head to head with some of the best laptop manufacturers in the world .


2. Apple inc. 

‘ Premium’ this is the word which pops in our minds like a popcorn when we hear apple . Don’t you agree ? That is because it does has variety of products which are of premium quality. The sleek , rich and sophistication dripping from this brand is never ending . This company was founded in 1976 . On April 01 . The founders are Steve jobs , Steve Wozniak , Ronald Wayne . The headquarters is in 1 Apple Park way Cupertino , California, United States. They serve across globe . They are in both the categories products as well as service industry.

The product & services : 

  • iPhone
  • iPod
  • apple watch
  • iPad
  • Siri
  • Apple TV
  • Mac book
  • logic pro
  • app store
Apple Headquarter,Non Chinese Laptop Brands
Office Headquarter (PC :

the list goes on , but focusing on laptops which is today’s category. If there’s one thing that nearly everyone agrees on . It’s that Apple laptops are very reliable and predictable. When you buy a MacBook, you know what to expect . You will get a fantastic screen , solid battery life & beautiful chassis with thin bezels . They tend to be a Little more expensive .when it comes to style , ease of use & reliability , Apple laptop are top notch .

3. Dell inc 

the most popular brand when it comes to laptops for students and for other people. It is an American multinational Computer technology company . That develops , sells , replaces & supports computers & related products . It was found in 1984 . On February 01 . By Michael Dell. The headquarters is in Round Rock , Texas , United States. They serve worldwide. Keeping the premium brand aside after Hewlett-Packard, we would say Dell is the one to look forward .

The product & services :

  • Personal computers
  • servers
  • peripherals
  • smartphones
  • televisions
  • Dell EMR
  • Equall logic
  • power vault
  • notebooks
Dell Headquarter,Non Chinese Laptop Brands
Office Headquarter (PC :

Many more products and services are in this list . What we are talking today about is laptops . Dell’s work , particularly in the ultra book field . Has yielded an incredible new crop of ultraportable laptops. That work great , have powerful specs . Don’t give up the ghost without a fight . If you need a PC for work or school and want it to last for as long as possible . Dell’s machines are a Great choice . It has arguably one of the best business laptops . Which offers solid design and multi day battery life .

4. Vaio corporation

Sony Vaio logo | Best logos ever, Typography logo, Famous logosVAIO was originally a brand is Sony . Introduced in 1996 . Sony sold it’s PC business to the investment firm . Japan industrial partners in February 2014. As part of resurrecting efforts to focus on mobile devices . The headquarters is in Nagano , Japan . The area in which they serve are Asia , United States, South America & Europe. Sony still holds the intellectual property rights . For the VAIO brand & logo . Currently in the US , VAIO business products are sold by trans cosmos America , inc,


The product line :

  • Smartphone
  • laptop
    vaio headquarter
    Office Headquarter (PC :

VAIO has been active , albeit with a fairly low profile in Asian and US markets for a couple of years . But it now seems to making more determined attempts . At a comeback with a new range of VAIO laptops . The two main models in the range . both of which are clearly aimed at premium end of the market . The laptop has a detachable keyboard that allows it to be used as both laptop and tablet . They are solid and beautiful.

More brands :

there are more brands which are non Chinese laptops  brands , like I ball , LG , Panasonic .

These are few brands which are the best non Chinese Laptop brands . If we might not have been accurate do let us know and suggest our supportive patriots to be successful in their journey to boycott China . To support other countries as well economically . We hope this informative piece would have made your decision a little simpler . Feel free to share your experience with us of any of the products of the brands listed above .

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