How to Hide Drives in the Explorer… (With all software installed in that drive still working)

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Hide Drives in Windows Explorer but also making them available for software which run or take reference from it. Can be accessed using Command Prompt.

Note: Does not works with Home Premiums and Home Basics

To Hide Drives with Group Policy Objects in Windows, there is a “Hide these specified drives in My Computer” option that lets you hide specific drives. However, it may be necessary to hide only certain drive, but retain access to others.

There are seven default options for restricting access to drives. You can also add other restrictions by modifying the “System.adm” file for the default domain policy or any custom Group Policy Object (GPO).
The seven default selections are:

  • Restrict A, B, C and D drives only
  • Restrict A, B and C drives only
  • Restrict A and B drives only
  • Restrict all drives
  • Restrict C drive only
  • Restrict D drive only
  • Do not restrict drives

Method 1

  1. Open Run and Type “gpedit.msc” gpedit, Group Policy Editor, Run
    Group Policy Editor to Hide Drives
    2. Then open “Administrative Templates” under User Configuration”Open gpedit to Hide Drives
    3. Open Windows Components”Windows Components Group Policy Editor for Hide Drives
    4. Click Windows Explorer” under Windows Components”

    Windows Explorer on Group Policy Editor to Hide Drives
    5. Select “Hide These Specific drives in my Computer”Hide These Specific drives in my Computer to Hide Drives
    6.  Finally Select “Enable”Hide These Specific drives in my Computer to Hide Drives
    7. Select the Drives you want to restrict from “Pick one of the following combination” drop-down…Drives you want to restrict to Hide Drives
    8.     Enjoy

    (Click Here to Read Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding the Group Policy Feature Set)

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