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How To Recover Deleted Files with Free Tool | Top Free Data Recovery Software

In my experience, accidentally deleting or after formatting hard disk important files or forgetting to backup important files before formatting are quite often. At first when i lost my data in a External Hard-drive crash i didn’t know how to restore my data. But recently i came across these bunch of free software’s which can Recover Deleted Files  from crashed HDD and flash drives.
When recovering data from accidental deletion, there are some rules to follow.
1. Stop using the hard drive you want to recover as main hard drive (Windows has disk and registry activity in background. Don’t believe? Run RegMon, FileMon and DiskMon)
2. Do not install the data recovery software on the hard drive that you want to recover.
3. Do not save the recovered files on the hard drive that you’re recovering.
software are-:
MiniTool Power Data Recovery
mini tool power data recover deleted files
mini tool power data
recover deleted files
Panda Recovery
Avira UnErase Personal
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