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Best SEO Expert On Fiverr: Imagine this you’ve only started a website and you obviously want it to work. But you don’t have resources for sponsorships and you have to rely on organic sources to make it all work. In such a case you have got to look for a SEO expert who can make your webpage more visible on different domains. This makes your website more accessible, so that people can now judge your content, avail your services etc.

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About Fiverr

You had to rely on friends & family to get real work done during the olden times. There was, therefore, a lack of professionalism and ability, so only a few well-connected individuals could dominate. For small-scale enterprises, no scope.fiverr

Currently, nonetheless, everyone can aspire to become something, because today there is a secure space where millions of committed employees guarantee integrity and expertise.


Currently, Fiverr links thousands of professional freelance employees with many corporations. So, if you want to be part of the web-designing industry, Fiverr is for you. All you have to do is find the service you want to use and pick the one you want for yourself.

Why Fiverr?

1. Safety

  • Fiverr is a legitimate and trustworthy site, and no transactions that are made within Fiverr will translate to scam. However it is important to stay within the scope of Fiverr. So, try and pick people that have earned credibility on the platform over the years.

Seller ratings

  • After the seller finishes a gig, the buyer can rate their gig which is made visible to the platform. It maintains full transparency, so, the buyers can share their order, interaction with the seller, personal info,

Secure Communication

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  • All messages and interactions are facilitated by the Fiverr website through their secure management system. So you don’t have to worry about leaking any information, as Fiverr doesn’t share your info with any third party.

2. Multipurpose

  • Fiverr is a platform which helps you build from scratch. Many aspects need to be covered while establishing a business and each of these aspects need to be carried out with precision.
  • For example; when you start a website, you’ll need a website designer, website developer, in the initial stages. Then when you’re website is complete then you need to advertise, create content, hire content writers. Fiverr covers all these services, and many more!

3. Two-Way Benefits

You can not only avail the services available on Fiverr but also sell your services on it, for example, if you are a fashion-blogging website you may also give styling tips on fiverr!

Why SEO Expert?

Before paying for any service, every customer has the right to know how it will benefit their business, and whether it is worth the investment or not. Here are some key benefits of hiring the Best SEO expert on Fiverr.

Right Key Words for your Website

An SEO expert identifies the right keywords that will suit your business and skyrocket your sales and viewership. Some keywords may eliminate competition and rank easily and some keywords may require many other technical skills.

best seo expert on fiverr
Image Source : Pixabay

Customer Experience

While accessing your website if you’re customers think your website is rather difficult to understand and has very poor readability then they may leave and look for an alternative. So it becomes important for you to make your web-page lucid and clear. Using a proper SEO may resolve this issue.

best seo expert on fiverr
Image Source : Pixabay


People click on your website for many reasons, like the ‘Heading’ ‘Meta description’ that you choose to put out on different search engines. An SEO expert helps you in creating an appropriate heading incorporating the keywords, a meta description that may invite curiosity etc.

best seo expert on fiverr
Image Source : Pixabay


Google, or any other search engines looks for specific key words in your articles to optimize it’s search. No matter how good your content is, you will need appropriate keywords to gain some popularity. Frankly in the beginning the SEO optimization is the only thing that matters to determine how good your articles are by search engines. So having a good SEO score will help you gain some viewership in the beginning.

best seo expert on fiverr
Image Source : Pixabay

To Update Content With Trends

Many websites have a love-hate relationship with Google. They maybe on the top of the chart one day, and the next day, it goes away. Why does this happen? Well, when people write more and more articles about the same topic, it becomes hard for the article to maintain topmost position. That’s why SEO services also include ongoing optimization and updates to make sure you’re ranking is nothing short of best.

This article; dealing with the best SEO experts on Fiverr will impart all the above benefits and more. So let’s take a look.

Best SEO Expert On Fiverr

1. farisdogar14

Faris is an SEO specialist with 7 Years of experience in search engine optimization to rank websites and blogs on Google 1st Page. He is well-versed with Google Ranking Algorithms (secrets) giving a boost to your website. Fasir does great key-word analysis to eliminate competition. He has excellent ratings and noteworthy commitment to his work so he is an obvious choice for our list




  • 7 Years
  • Joined Fiverr On November 2020


  • Overall; 5\5

Price Range:

  • Basic- 5$ ( 384 INR )
  • Premium- 150$ (11,400)


  • Competitive Keyword Research
  • Offsite SEO
  • link Development
  • Content Generation
  • Content Validation
  • Keyword Validation
  • Technical Optimisation
  • Ranking Factors Considered

Reviews On Fiverr

  • “Great Work And Excellent Communication! Highly Recommended”
  •  “Accomplished the task as per order description. Got instant replies for all the queries”


2. ana_seo_85

Getting organic traffic to your website is incredibly valuable. It’s also incredibly difficult  If you don’t have any experience. Luckily, you can skip all the hard work and hire Ana to do it for you. She entered the digital marketing space in 2002, and ever since, has been helping people with SEO, link building, and more. If you’re ready to tap into her expertise, contact her now! She easily becomes our top pick for the best SEO expert on Fiverr



  • Over a Decade of experience
  • Joined Fiverr In 2016

Price Range:

Basic- 31$ ( 2,200 INR )

Premium- 125$ (9,196 INR )




  •  Relevant and profitable keywords for your website
  • Information about the average traffic volume for each competitors, their key words etc.
  • With Standard/Premium, you’ll also receive a report about your competitors’ strength and back-links
  • Therefore, Easier ranking
  • The best KW target
  • A better strategy for blog post content
  • Optimized link building strategy
  • Consequently,  Improving SEO


  • “Incredible service! I did not know where to start with keywords and now I’m on track to grow my rankings!”
  • “Ana is extremely knowledgeable and thorough! The report provided was extremely helpful and easy to understand.”


3. optimizations

With 8 years’ experience as a Google Certified digital marketing & content expert, he works fast and effectively. He makes sure he gets it right the first time so you won’t need any revisions, hence saving your time. Digital marketing has led him to pursue site optimization & analysis of traffic & behaviour and creating high-quality content for brands.

optimizations,best seo expert on fiverrCHECK PROFILE ON FIVERR


  • 8 years of experience, therefore the best SEO expert of Fiverr for YouTube.
  • Joined fiverr on 2018

Price Range

  • Total package: 115$ ( 8,400 INR )




  • Video & Channel tags
  • Ranking (add on)
  • Default upload settings
  • Description enhancements
  • Meta data alignment
  • Featuring content
  • Hashtags & high-quality keywords
  • Banner links
  • Optional Custom HD Thumbnails (therefore, increasing CTR)

Reviews On Website

  • “Everything I was hoping for and more! Saw the difference on my channel within 24 hours”
  • ” the tips received from optimizations were top-notch and I learned a lot”


4. qasimservice

Are you looking for a content creator or experienced website content writer? well then, Search no more. You are at the right place for great a content.  Qasim has had  experience writing great SEO optimised content for business, product description, and blog content. He will retain the personal touch of your website whilst making it more accessible.

qasimservice,best seo expert on fiverrCHECK PROFILE ON FIVERR



  • Joined fiverr On December 2019, thus considerable experience


  • 5\5

Price Range:

  • 20$ ( 1500 INR )


  • Speedy Rankings
  • Permanent Links
  • Excellent Indexation Rate
  • Enhanced Domain Authority
  • Sustained Website Growth
  • Detailed SEO Audit of your Website
  • Heading Tags Optimization.
  • Keyword Analysis therefore eliminating competition

Reviews On Website:

  • “I am very satisfied from the work of that seller and always I will prefer him for my next jobs!!!”
  • “Excellent! Master Kraftsman at Work! Highly Talented and knows the ecommerce Industry!”


5. seofirstpage

Chirag Patel is an experienced SEO professional and hence, takes great pride in his work. He has worked as an SEO consultant for more than 10 years, therefore has a good grip in the industry. His aim has always been providing organic search consultancy to all- from local to international businesses of all shapes and sizes making it more inclusive. Consequently, He will  grow your traffic by getting your business in the top 10 rankings through the right content strategy.

seofirstpage,best seo expert on fiverrCHECK PROFILE ON FIVERR


  • Has worked in this Industry for over 10 years
  • Joined Fiverr on 2011


  • 4.9\5

Price range

  • Basic- 94$ ( 6,897 INR )
  • Premium- 209$ ( 15,326 INR )


  • Keywords Research
  • Meta Title and Description Create Related to Target Keywords
  • Blog Comments
  • Article Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Heading Tags and Internal Linking, therefore, improving accessibility and referencing.
  • XML Sitemap Creation


  • “Great job on the SEO!”
  • “This is ongoing work which I am happy with so far. I look forward to making further progress in the coming months.”



That’s all for now folks! Hope you liked this Fiverr review, and have decided the candidate you want to pick. So, don’t forget to go through the profiles of each of them, before finalising. My personal favourite was ana_seo_85, because of her sheer commitment to the job, and refined and perfected results! Since, she really goes out of her way to make the customers satisfied, she stands as our topmost choice. However, everyone has their own preferences, therefore to each it own! Please like, share this article to help out others who may need it.

Best Of luck!


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