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How to safely access the dark web | dark web browser

Dark web, as the name suggests is considered as the darker side of the internet, sometimes rumoured to be a villainy bad place to be in. Almighty of the internet, Google doesn’t index the dark web, it being the hidden side that can be surfed only through special assess and software ( ‘Tor’ tops the usage chart).

The dark web forms the deepest layer of the Deep web and the content here is usually of criminal nature dominated by illegal pornography, botnet operations, hacking groups, abuses, Bitcoin, frauds, drugs and black market sites.


But the dark web is not full of criminal activities alone as sometimes it’s being used for activism and whistle-blowing. Dissidents, journalists, and campaigns are circulated via the dark web many times.

How to browse a dark web URL?dark web browser

It is never a good idea to start browsing around the dark web, but if that is needed it has to be done through a Tor-enabled browser or a proxy.


There are a lot of legitimate reasons necessitating access to the dark web.

Let us, explorer, some facts about dark web browser :-

Irrespective of the fact how dark web works or how legal or illegal it is, many users of dark web belief that it is one of the safest ways to escape prying eyes of the government and other security organisations. The dark web is based on onion routing technology. But this is a myth as the Tor browser traffic can also be traced with full knowledge and assess.

ExpreeVPN or CyberGhost is VPN, to be used for connection to the dark web.

Download browser for the dark-net from official website

Irrespective of the security problem in the past regarding the Tor browser, it is still the safest and the popular connection on the dark web. On the torproject.org, the browser is free to download and use but make sure it is up-to-date all the time because otherwise, your system is vulnerable to security issues.

How to assess the dark web susceptible to security issues, safely?

The dark web is popular amongst criminal circles such as hackers, cybercriminals, Malware creators that are worth avoiding, always. 

While assessing the Tor browser, make sure that all the applications on your machines are closed, no unnecessary services are running in the background and also the webcam is covered during the dark web surfing journey.

Installing TAILS

The Amnesiac Incognito live system (TAILS) is a unique Debian-based version of Linux that leaves no trace of any user activity or the operating system on the computer. This operating system is free to use and enables live boots from a USB stick or DVD.

Tails operating system comes with a pre-installed Tor browser. This operating system enabled machines to automatically root web traffic through Tor. Any non-anonymous connection is blocked automatically.

This operating system comes with many productive tools like word processor and email client for ease of working while running Tor.

Dark web site directoriesdark web browser

There are a lot of dark web site directories on the dark web that freshers or experienced users can assess. As no Google for indexing search result is present, there is a possibility of stumbling into place not intended. So, better to use one of many directory sites available on the Tor browser to decide upon the pages to be visited. The Hidden Wiki is one of the best places to assess the dark web.

Dark Web login and logout

It is very essential that after finishing browsing the dark web, make sure to shut down and log out all your browser windows and other content logged-in.

If TAILS OS has been used, quite the operating system and reboot the machine back with your usual interface. If windows or Mac OS is used better restart the machine.

While making any purchase through dark web marketplaces, make sure of using none other than cryptocurrency. Sellers on the dark web do not accept regular credit card payments. Bitcoins are the most preferred mode of payment here. Although linking personal details to the transactions via Bitcoins is feasible through address reuse, tracking cookies, blockchain analytics, etc. Bitcoin mixer is an expensive way of anonymizing payments on the dark web.

Monero and Zcash are also common on the dark web as these are privacy-focused coins.

Some more information and tips on the dark webdark web browser

Assessing the dark web can be safe and secure in an anonymous manner as a lot of scams, illegal activities, phishing, and hacking along with illegal pornography and terrorism are carried out under the blanket of the dark web.

It is much easier to fall prey to these activities due to the way web addresses are present on the web. Numerous fake sites are present on the dark web that intend to target duplicating and proxying the real sites. Fake sites perform man- in- middle attacks and steal or modify the data it passes through.

But in between all the rumors and chaos, some great websites can be explored on the dark web which could be actual fun.

The onion URL of Facebook that is


can we surf via the dark web through the official Facebook.onion mirror.

Have a Facebook account can be created anonymously to use Facebook services without being exposed to the company’s privacy eroding techniques.

At times some nonprofit news organizations also use the dark web for investigating journalism, aiming at exposing abuses of powers and breach of public trust by government, business houses and other powerful institutions.

Before accessing dark web websites it is very necessary to know how to assess and use the web in the most beneficial manner. Dark web users are more vulnerable to attack vectors that act in no time to steal or modify data from your machine, even before acknowledging the same.

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