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How to utilize free time while at home owing to Coronavirus spread 

The reality of COVID -19 is long a story in a vacuum. Today the new reality shouts at people to keep away from others – at least 6 feet apart – practicing social distancing, or for some it’s self- isolation or quarantine, to sedate the spread of coronavirus. Due to which all the school, buildings, stores and restaurants and other gathering halls are closed or working for a few hours for maintaining the protocol of social distancing.

 Now, after getting isolated and stuck in houses for a week or an indefinite time, we all feel a bit sluggish and may find ourselves quickly running out of things to do. To help turn away cabin fever, here are some of the fun activities to beat the boredom.


1. Learn the importance of  hand hygiene and sanitization

handwash image

The COVID-19 pandemic needs proper attention and knowledge for better understanding. Reading reliable sources of information available on the internet helps us to upgrade your understanding. The one should focus on the foremost Do’s and Don’ts related to the COVID-19 like regular hand sanitisation and maintenance of self- hygiene and surrounding.

2. Spend quality leisure time together 

family time


Now, we have all the time to sit down and enjoy watching our favorite movies, online streaming shows to beat boredom. You and your family can binge-watch the new shows or catch up on those classic movies and have a nice “Movie Marathon”. Another option is the Google Chrome extension called “Netflix Party” where all of your friends can share the link amongst themselves.

3. Start a journal or blog

blog start

Writing about the COVID-19 pandemic and informing others about the rationale behind lockdown make your blog look informative and interesting. Or you can set up a blog about where you can post your daily diaries or journals including entries about the coronavirus. Imagine how fascinating and interesting it would be when we recount all these writings 20 years from now. This is a historic period in our lives.

4. Dust off that old instrument and practice 


Still, have a desire to play? Then dust off all those musical instruments like Generic Black Piezo Guitar, Dukan Fiber Congo that have been locked in your stores and set up a live concert for your family. Be sure to keep the volume-controlled if you have touchy neighbors.

This will boost your party vibes and move your booty and ass. Load your chairs, wear your best party dress and grab favorite drinks because today’s night is going to be special.

5.Learn and teach yourself a foreign language

learn language How to utilize free time

Staying at home does not mean that you cannot do anything fun. Any leisure activities can be made fun or interesting. The free application known as Duolingo is available on both Apple and Google stores. You can choose and try any of the languages. This app will not give you an accent but it’s a very effective way to get started on a foreign language, learn new vocabulary and sentence structure. 

6.Read your book collection

read_book How to utilize free time

The other great option is to read all those books that you have bought from bookstores. Or another simple option is to create your e-library and read all your favorites. This way you can easily utilize that extra time and get to enhance your vocabulary and knowledge. Or you can go through your backlogs, visit your favorite classic stored high in your bookshelves.

7. Play fun board and puzzle games

puzzle game

If you do not remember the last time when you had a family game night. Then get lucky today by setting up your dining rooms or sofa for playing all those board games and get some bonding time. The games like monopoly, Jenga or snake and ladders. These board games can be made fun by including all the family members ranging from kids to adults. The board games are always a better option over computer games because it helps in building the lost connection and communication amongst the family members.  

If possible you can always order or purchase any of the affordable games that are available on Amazon for making your every day a fun day.

Games like Jumanji, Business games, chess and plastic board puzzles can be found easily.

  • Ortus Art Wooden 3D Puzzle Games

How to utilize free time

  • Fact – O- Mania World Personality Box 2:

This is one of the innovative card games that can be played by more than two people at the same time. 

  • Buy Playstation Games:

You always search for fun and exciting PlayStation games that are available on Amazon for taking your gaming experience to the next level. The games are unisex and will take you back to your old times where you kept on playing video games all day long.

Best PS4 Games | New PlayStation 4 Games

How to utilize free time

  • Taboo Board game:

This is a fun guessing game for families and kids.

How to utilize free time

8. Test your Cooking skills

How to utilize free time

Last but not least you can watch the videos of your favorite chef online and imitate them. Due to limited fast food options right now, you can always challenge yourself to make new recipes that you have never tried before..


Getting stuck in self – quarantine can be made fun by adding lots of creativity and productive activities. Most of us are spending maximum time sitting idle, watching television and keeping track of the news channels. Trying above-mentioned options will help you to deal with stillness and make your daily routines filled with more enthusiasm.

We are going through a hard time but this thick blanket of COVID- 19 can be removed by promising not to leave the house unless it is necessary.

Stay safe behind the shut doors. 


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