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4 user interface improvements which decide traffic count in 2021

It is a factual statement that content quality decides the fate of a website. However, the user goes through the website interface even before he reads a single line. Thus, it can be said that user interface is a key component for deciding the traffic count. The mechanism used here is very simple. Websites with a better user interface supersede the ones which lack in this area and score a higher rank. Hence, in an overall manner, it can be said that working on the improvement of the website UI is important. However, you should be aware of the correct tips that have to be used and the most important areas of UI design. Overall content of the website is also important, that helps to improve users interface. Normally the users visit a website to read informative and quality content. So, the website owners must has to use a Plagiarism checker tool while posting new content for a web page, article or blog.  To achieve it, they can get help from prepostseo in order to remove any copied content from a web page, web article or blog.

User interface does have an impact on the traffic on a website. If your website is lacking in the UI area, here are 5 improvements which you should make to getter more consistent regular traffic.


1. Get the layout organized

One thing which all website owners need to prevent is user confusion. Majority of the users exit a website when they find anything confusing. One example is the layout of the website. People do not want to spend time and understand the layout of a website so the key point is that you should keep things simple. If you have a look at the top ranked websites, all of them have simple layouts with the features listed in a clear manner.

  • A well-defined layout has a proper hierarchy of web pages. For instance, once you end up on the landing page, you are redirected to the home page. After that, you can move on to the “about us” page or products page as per your need. This is a convenient way to settle a new user and encourage him to make regular visits.  However, some websites have a complex layout and users need for the links that they need. For instance, the “about us” link would be hidden unnecessarily under a tab. Such practices obviously make the user interface complicated. Along with that, many people do not prefer such websites. Thus, having a complicated layout obviously affects the rate of traffic adversely.

2. Avoid confusing internal links

Internal links simplify the layout of the website and make it easy for users to check the features. However, this is only possible if the internal links have been used properly to simplify the interface architecture. Do not include internal links unnecessarily as this can cause immense confusion. For instance, consider an example.

  • In most cases, there is an internal link from the “home page” to the “about us” page. Once a visitor lands on the home page, he reads about how the brand emerged and what was the though process behind the creation. After that, he views the product line to check what the company is offering. This is a standard simple layout that most websites have. However, some of them have a complex layout unnecessarily. Most users do not prefer this as they have to spend time on learning things. From a user’s perspective, getting information about the product line of the company is the most important task. Most customers do not actually focus a lot on understanding the website architecture. If it is too hard for them, they seek simpler alternatives.

3. Originality and uniqueness of content

It is good to focus on provision of original content but simply rephrasing information written by someone else is not all that needs to be done. A reader would only prefer your website over other domains if you have something different to offer. Readers take their time when they are looking at the content. If they feel that it is interesting, they take an in-depth look. The decision of the customer to purchase a product / service does depend on whether he is convinced with the content or not. If the content is not convincing enough, the customer would start seeking other websites with more informative quality content.

  • Simply adding information to a blog is not enough. When a reader visits a website, he looks for information which he has not read in the past. On the other hand, websites which offer exclusive content never have issues related to traffic or organic searches. To get traffic on your website, you need to pay a lot of attention to the content published on it. Original quality content can help you in getting a good count of traffic and even the rate of conversion would increase.

4. Properly defined link hierarchy

A website has numerous links which provide explanations about different content areas to the user. The problem starts when users have to search for information and visit links that do not match their needs. As a website owner, you should aim at making things convenient and easy for users. A link hierarchy defines the way in which the links have been arranged. Ideally, the user starts with the landing page of the website and then moves on to the home page. If you have a systematic link hierarchy, users would be able to move to their required links in a direct manner instead of performing any unnecessary searches. A link hierarchy is an important component of a quality user interface. All reputed websites have a high standard link hierarchy so that users can conveniently access their desired website areas.


Website owners who put in hard work to provide users with a proper user interface do not have to worry about getting traffic, earning money or attaining a high number of organic searches. Users prefer websites with a simple and easy to interpret user interface. For them, a website should be informative and they should be able to gather content without struggling in any manner.

In an overall manner, user interface covers a number of areas including the layout that the website has. If you have stuffed your website with unnecessary options, it would be hard for users to extract information and look at different options offered.


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