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Tricks to increase followers on instagram | Tips and Tricks 2022

How to Increase Instagram Followers ??

The popularity of Instagram, social media handles, is increasing day by day. The app which was first considered as a fun app for kids has now become a serious content marketing, social networking, audience building in the form of followers and selling platform for individual users as well as brands. 

  • Amazing data and its relevance 

The popularity of the app can be judged from the data which states that Instagram has over 200 million active monthly members, sharing about 60 millions of images and 1.6 million likes per day. 

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Various studies that have been conducted found out that the average Instagram engagement rate for brands in the year 2014 itself was 58% higher than that on Facebook. This means potential clients like to interact with the brand’s post on Instagram more rather than Facebook or Twitter. This number must have increased manifold in 5 years. 

  •  Importance of fan following on the app 

The enormous data which is increasing day by day is reason enough to have an active Instagram account that has a large number of followers.  Fan following determines the popularity of the person or the brand on this app. 

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To become an Instagram unicorn, you have to create a perfect Instagram account following certain steps or hacks into your social strategy. Here are a few tips for how to increase Instagram followers that  will help you grab attention for your Instagram account:-

1) Promote a dedicated hashtag too, along with your profile

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It is very important to promote your or for your company hashtag along with the profile. So it is always advisable to use the same in your profile and get it printed on your printed ads, receipts, bill books, flex board, etc. Promote your hashtag at relevant events also. And if you are on other social media handles or giving advertisement on TV or radio, ask people to use your hashtag. 

It is always better to club your online and offline advertising campaigns, making sure that your hashtag is included on your every social profile, website, email address and every other identity where people are in contact with you. This policy helps to create awareness in people regarding you. People are not sitting idle to find you out on Instagram until they are aware of your hashtags. Hashtags are the most convenient way to reach them easily. 

2) Invest time in creating hashtags

It is very important on Instagram to get creative with hashtagging because Instagram caption ideas are pivotal to popularity. Hashtag need not be one word. It can be the mix up of words that tell your story which could be funny, ironic, outrageous or even poetic. While creating a hashtag, tell the story about the brand. Invest quality time in creating informative and eye-catching hashtags and make sure your hashtags are not at all usual and boring.

3) Try to be part of popular conversations

Just don’t try to have more followers but always try to be a good follower yourself too, to the big brands and your workspace related popular celebrities and experts. 

Specific hashtags are long-tail keywords that try to convey behind the post and helps you to find the right person. Popular or the universal trending hashtags can make you stand with general but out of the way or uncommon hashtags can help you increase followers on Instagram the big and noisy manner.

4) Keep updating  your URL

It is always suggested to keep changing you are URL or web link at least bi-weekly. This will help drive web traffic to your new and most popular web content published recently. Use this clickable link of yours in your bio on Instagram which will help drive traffic to your link or website’s homepage.

5) Always remember content is King

Although pictures are very important in conveying the stories,  they should be accompanied by the well-written text alongside. Choosing the right content is very important to create engagement and sharing because the picture tells a thousand words but only words can express the true emotion behind the pictures. 

Every traditional media brand be it National geographic, Star, HBO or Entertainment television channels, everything has gone digital. 

Correctness and relevance of content besides your picture post will help to improve your finding and standing on Instagram. 

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6) Follow every influencer in your space

Visit the profile of best influencer on Instagram who you are in your workspace and turn on post notification so that you are notified every time they share new content. Gradually you can develop interaction with them. And this could help draw their followers into your account also.

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7) Remove your unwanted tagged photos

In case you want to feature only the best user-generated content about you and your brand on your Instagram profile, you can remove the unwanted photos totally by choosing the edit tags option.

Using the option ‘Remove the tags’ select posts which you want not to be seen and keep the one that you want to be displayed on your profile. 

8) Control and approve hashtag photos on our profile

If you want to you have control over which photos with your or your brand name should be tagged so that it appears on your profile, you can do the same. Changing your Instagram setting to turn ‘photos won’t show unless you approve them’. This option can be found as an Option -photos of you add manually

9) Form Unique Instagram style 

The Instagram fan following is standing out from the crowd. People here try to follow you, liking your post and sharing it further. So, use unique text and images in your hashtags so that every time a user comes across your hashtag they can have the picture regarding you or your brand in their mind instantly.

10) Set local connections

Places or events for the city are often searched on Instagram so if you can search and choose the places that you can include the tab in your hashtags. It will help people search for better for you with the place you are associated with or the event for your performance. 

Visit the Places tab to see what’s happening locally in your area. you may target the place or event in your hashtags. 

Look back into the ways of getting more followers on Instagram

1) Promote your dedicated hashtag on all the social media profiles, websites, emails and printed ads of your brand.

2) Be creative with your hashtags. Let them speak out your story in a nutshell.

3) Keep watch on relevant and trending hashtags.

4) Join the conversation with the influencer to be confronted with more people.

5) Write description captions alongside the pictures as storytelling helps to create better engagement and sharing.

6) Try to become a favorite of a top influencer in your workplace by constantly interacting with them.

7) Remove unwanted photos tagging you. Edit the tags to hide images from your profile which could mislead

8) Adjust your settings to avoid any potentially embarrassing situation created by unwanted tagged photos.

9) View geotags of the places or the events taking place locally in your neighbourhood or the city.

10) Use them on your profile with your hashtags to reach to more clients.


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