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Different Ways To Add and Edit YouTube subtitles to your videos

Videos have become an essential asset for every brand. However, if you want to grow your channel, you will have to devise different ways to make your videos. Subtitles are one of the best ways of increasing the reach of your videos. 

There are several ways to add subtitles to your YouTube video. Adding subtitles is essential as you have to cater to different audiences and then work according to what they need or what makes their lives simpler.  


You make your videos much more accessible to the general public or people with any hearing issues when you add subtitles. Also, when you add subtitles to your videos, people tend to have more fun while consuming your content. When they don’t understand a term or a phrase, subtitles help make the content more accessible. 

Importance of Subtitles

Subtitles are an important part of all YouTube videos. They play a significant role in making videos more understandable. 


Here are some of the advantages of adding subtitles to the YouTube videos:

  • It makes the videos more watchable as the interpretation of the videos becomes relatively easy
  • Subtitles are also good for the SEO as it improves the searchability of the video
  • Subtitles increase comprehension as you can sync the content with the text
  • Your content options increase with subtitles, and you can watch videos that are in other languages too
  • It is pretty cost-effective as adding subtitles does not involve any high add-on cost
  • You also get to know about technicalities and technical jargon used in the videos

Adding subtitles to your video

There are several ways of adding subtitles to your videos on YouTube. Let’s check out these ways and understand which method of adding subtitles is more convenient:

Pre-written file

Uploading a pre-written file is the most common and popular way of adding subtitles to a YouTube video. This file must contain everything said in the incorrect video sequence. 

However, when using this method to add subtitles to your videos, you will have to check the type of file you are uploading. A SubRip, LRC, or SubViewer file type works when you are trying to add subtitles to your YouTube video. 

Listed below are the steps you need to follow if you want to add subtitles using a pre-written file:

  • Open YouTube Studio and login into your account
  • On the left sidebar, you will find the ‘Subtitles’ option. Click on that option
  • Now, select the video to which you want to add the subtitles
  • Post selecting the video, choose ‘Add Language’ and then select the language in which the file is written
  • Under the subtitles section, click on the ‘Add’ option
  • Now, click on upload file. A dialogue box will appear on the screen
  • Before moving forward, you will have to choose between ‘with timing’ or ‘without timing’ 
  • Now, select the file where you have all the subtitles written
  • Save the draft and click on the publish button

If you wonder how to add captions to a video, this is the easiest way to do so. 

There are other methods too:


Auto-Sync is another popularly used option when it comes to adding subtitles. Auto-sync allows you to type your transcript in one sitting and automatically sync it to the video’s time. Here’s how to go about this:

  • Open YouTube studio and choose the Subtitles option
  • Now, select the video where you want to add subtitles and then click on the ‘add’ option
  • Now, instead of clicking on the ‘Upload file’ option, click on the ‘Auto-Sync’ option 
  • In the text box to the left, type the whole transcript of your movie, or click on the three dots next to Edit Timings and select Upload file
  • Now that you have added the text, you can click on ‘edit timings’
  • You can now save and close the window

You must keep in mind one thing while using the ‘auto-sync’ option. It would be best to use a language in the transcripts that the YouTube voice recognition engine can understand. 

Manual Typing 

Technology, Laptop, Keyboard, Computer, Netbook, Acer

Manual typing is another method of adding subtitles to your YouTube. It might sound easy, but this method takes a lot of time. You need to take up the following steps to add subtitles by manually typing:

  • Open YouTube Studio and then log in to your account
  • Like every other method, you need to choose the subtitles option
  • Now, select the video where you want to add subtitles and then click on the ‘add’ option
  • There is an option of ‘Type manually’. Choose that option
  • Now, you can play the video, type out the subtitles, and adjust the timestamps according to the audio. You will also have to add tags for additional sounds like thunder, clap, etc.
  • Once you are done with all the typing, click on the publish option.


The best thing about YouTube is that it automatically adds captions to some videos. However, this option is only available for 13 selected languages, including English. Automatic subtitles are displayed on the screen for live feeds and videos. 

However, this is only available for English-language broadcasts with more than 1,000 subscribers.

You must examine auto-captions and make any necessary adjustments after generating them. Here’s how you go about this:

  • Open YouTube Studio and log in to your account
  • Select the ‘Subtitles’ option from the left menu
  • Now, click on the video where you want auto-translated captions
  • Now, click on the three dots beside the video where you want to make changes
  • Now, you can review all the auto-generated captions and make the necessary changes to the parts where you spot an error or want to make some changes

In some cases, the auto-captions might not be available. There could be several reasons why that must be happening: 

  • It might be because the audio used in the video could be complicated, and YouTube’s voice recognition feature might not be able to recognize what is being played.
  •  There also might be a case where YouTube’s voice recognition system might not detect the language. 
  • In some cases, the video might be too lengthy for generating captions, or the audio quality might be bad, hindering conversions.  


You must add subtitles to make it easier for your viewers to access the videos. Apart from subtitles, you can also add an attractive banner as the video’s thumbnail to capture the audience’s attention. 

While subtitles might seem like a hassle, you must not shy away from the activity as it will improve the video’s reach and make it more popular among the audience.


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