Character animators use animation tools, 3D modelling, 2D animations, and even puppets to create and design characters. These artists create characters who utilise movement to tell a storey, whether for cinema, television, video games, or mobile applications. Today we will be looking upon some of the best character animation online services on Fiverr.

Character animators use computer tools such as Motion Builder 3D, Flash Professional, Light Wave, Maya, and others to build and manipulate animated figures that interact in digital surroundings. They also produce storyboards, models, and environments. Character animators collaborate with sound engineers to ensure that motions are in sync with sound, and they collaborate with customers to present ideas and create concepts.


Character animators work for film and video production companies, advertising agencies, and public relations businesses, as well as software publishers, computer system design companies, graphic design companies, game design companies, and web design companies. They also work in colleges, universities, and a variety of other settings. In 2012, 57 percent of animators worked independently, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is the most recent data available for self-employed animators. These individuals frequently work from home.

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Walt Disney made character animation a special focus of his animation company in the 1930s, as shown in films such as Three Little Pigs (1933), Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), Pinocchio (1940), and Dumbo (1941). (1941). Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Technicolor’s “first full length animated and musical film.” Bill Tytla, Ub Iwerks, Grim Natwick, Fred Moore, Ward Kimball, Les Clark, John Sibley, Marc Davis, Wolfgang Reitherman, Hal King, Hamilton Luske, Norm Ferguson, Eric Larson, John Lounsbery, Milt Kahl, Frank Thomas, and Ollie Johnston were all masters of the style.

Frank and Ollie, as their protégés lovingly called them, taught that the ideas and feelings of the character were important to the construction of every scene.  Frank and Ollie were the most well-known of the Nine Old Men for their mentor/apprentice relationships and the sharing of their knowledge in creating characters, most notably as recounted in Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life. This book teaches the 12 essential principles of animation and is regarded as the ‘animation bible’ for any animation student.


Character Animator is exceptionally simple to learn. This is due to the fact that Character Animator is developed for a particular specific type of animation. There is a fairly straightforward procedure to follow, and there aren’t many unnecessary features to distract you.

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While there are a plethora of character animation software and tools available, this lesson will concentrate on animating a character with Adobe After Effects.

  • Duik is an Adobe After Effects animation plugin that streamlines the animation process. Duik allows you to rig and animate figures’ whole limbs by just placing their hands and feet.
    While this isn’t a required step (you can easily animate in After Effects without it), it may be beneficial for novices, as demonstrated in this lesson. What’s the best part? Duik is a free service.
  • Of course, before you can begin animating, you must first create a moving character. It’s best to design this character in Adobe Illustrator and then import it into After Effects to bring it to life. If you’re just starting out with animation, consider making a very simple character with a concentrate on the limbs. The body in the example below is a very basic shape—a circle—with long legs that allow you to view the animation process.
  • You’ll need to make a few last tweaks to your character artwork before importing it into Adobe After Effects. First, divide your character into layers. Every aspect of the character that will move autonomously must be represented by a distinct layer.
  • You’ll now start prepping your character for animation by constructing the first rigging. First, reduce the opacity of all your layers to around 50%. This will assist you in identifying the important joints inside the character.
  • Create your rig now by using the Duik toolbar. Select each layer from the extremities inward, finishing with your controllers, for each limb. So, for a leg, you’d start with the ankle, then the lower leg, the higher leg, and lastly the controller at the ankle. Then, under the Duik toolbar’s Rigging section, access the auto-rig settings and pick auto-rig. When you move the ankle controller, the complete leg moves with it. Rep for the opposite leg, as well as any more limbs your character may have.
  • Now that you’ve finished the rig, you can start animating. Create keyframes first, which are the starting and finishing locations of the character’s movement. The endpoints of a walk cycle will be when the character’s legs are at their fullest stretched. To get a flawless loop, ensure that the start and end keyframes are the same. Begin by incorporating in-between frames, such as when one leg crosses over the other in the middle of a walking stride.

Read on to know how to work with layers in Character Animator


Note: Description and About the Gig has been taken directly from the Fiverr Profile.

Profile Name: arndominic


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About the gig

About This Gig
Hello there, I am Arnold Dominic Villanueva from the Philippines. With over 5 years of experience in the 3d Character Animation field, I can do any 3d Character Animation you seek. Looking forward working with you. I am always available immediately. Thank you!


Autodesk Maya 2019

3d Character Animation for Games ( keyframed )

  • Quadruped Animation
  • Biped Animation
  •  Running Animation Cycle
  • Walking Animation Cycle
  • Attack Animation Cycle
  • Idle Animation Cycle
  • Knockdown Animation Cycle
  • Struck Animation Cycle
  • Death Animation

3d Character Animation ( keyframed )

✔ Acting
✔ Lipsync Animation

  •  Low poly rigging for Games

✔ Biped
✔ Quadruped
✔ 8 legged

You will have:

  • 100% satisfaction.
  •  Smooth 3d Animation”



“Hello there, I am Arnold Dominic Villanueva from the Philippines. I may be new here in Fiverr and have no feedbacks yet, but with over 5 years of experience in the 3d Character Animation field, I can do any 3d Character Animation and Rigging you seek. Looking forward working with you. I am always available immediately. Thank you!”

Profile Name: xandra3d


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About the gig

Thanks for checking out my gig! I’m Xandra, a professional 3D Artist and Animator with over 7 years’ experience working across games and film.


~ Please contact me with project details before making a booking to avoid cancellations!~


This gig is for high quality, realistic character animations, created to use with your pre-existing 3D Avatar.


I use X-Sens motion capture and Manus Gloves for the body, and Apple ARKit with a head mount for the face.


I’m also highly skilled in manual animation (both realistic and stylised), for humans, creatures and robots!”



“Hi! I’m Xandra, a professional 3D Artist from Australia, with over 7 years of experience. I specialise in Game Art – Modelling, Rigging, Texturing, VFX and Animation, and have an in-depth understanding of both Unity and Unreal. In my free time I develop my own game, and love to keep up to date with latest industry practices.”

Profile Name: mohid_baig


Check Fiverr Profile

About the gig

I can rig any humanoid mesh to mannequin skeleton to make it game ready. All UE4 marketplace animations will work directly with the mesh without the need to retarget, including Advance Locomotion pack.
You can see demo video of different characters working with UE4 mannequin skeleton here:
Please contact before placing order to ensure everything works out smoothly. Thank you.”


“Hello, I am a self-taught Blender3D artist. I love playing games and started to make my own. Currently I have knowledge of rigging 3D characters as well as doing some hard surface modelling. Thank you for choosing my services and I will try my best to provide you with results that you are happy with.”


Hope this article completes your search for best character animation online services on Fiverr. Thank you.

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