Choosing a career may be a difficult task. How do you determine which occupations are best for you? Is a certain job a good fit for your personality, interests, and goals? These challenging concerns must be addressed by high school students, college graduates, and adults interested in a career change, and here is where a career counsellor may assist. One of the main online platform is Fiverr. Let us check some of the top career counselling online services in Fiverr.

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What Is a Career Counsellor?

Career counsellors assist persons who have inquiries about various occupations and educational choices. If you’re looking for employment, working with a career counsellor may help you make the most of the planning and decision-making process, and ideally find you a position that’s a good fit for you.

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When it comes to career planning, it’s all too tempting to depend on the advise of friends and family, or even your own intuition, rather than seeking expert guidance and help. When you do this, though, it is all too simple to find up investigating a vocation that isn’t genuinely appropriate for you. Whether you’re a student with little job experience or an experienced professional with many years of expertise, you may be confused about your career possibilities or searching for a change.

If this is the case, you might think about hiring a professional career counsellor.

Benefits Of Career Counselling

  • You define your professional objectives

Because career development is a lifetime process, career counselling is appropriate for everyone, from high school students preparing for the future to seasoned professionals looking to change occupations while still working. This is an excellent resource for clarifying your professional objectives through a variety of dialogues and tests.

  • It might assist you in better understanding your job alternatives

You’ll be able to discuss job alternatives that interest you when you seek expert career assistance. Together, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the aspects that influence your professional growth, such as your personality, interests, talents, values, and background. It will be made plain to you in this environment what education or training you need to pursue in order to attain your professional ambitions. Your career counsellor will assist you in understanding the scope of the job that interests you, as well as in identifying the appropriate resources and sources of knowledge. Furthermore, you will be able to explore tactics for finding employers who provide internships or positions in your locations.

  • You gain support from an objective guide

A career counsellor provides objective views, knowledge, expertise, and recommendations, allowing you to discover who you are and what you want from your career. A comfortable and relaxed environment is established in which you may discuss your job without fear of being judged. You can discuss your career ideas, thoughts, and worries here, and your career counsellor will assist you in making sense of those ideas, feelings, and issues in an honest, open, and confidential setting.

  • You are the one who determines your own strengths and shortcomings

A career guide is a great tool to figure out your skills and shortcomings. You will be subjected to a battery of examinations in this context, including personality tests, aptitude tests, psychometric analysis tests, and IQ tests. These will assist you in determining the best job alternatives for you depending on your skills. Even if you excel in your chosen field and have several certifications, your career counsellor will point out areas for development and educate you how to better in those areas.

  • You learn key skills

You’ll learn a variety of skills from a career counsellor that will help you excel when it comes to applying for jobs, attending interviews, and excelling in the corporate world. For example, you’ll be able to conduct a simulated job interview in which you’ll practise answering a number of questions. Prior to the actual test, you’ll receive feedback on anything from how to improve your communication skills to how to answer difficult questions.

Career counsellors will also educate you how to be more forceful in obtaining what you need and desire, whether in your present or future career. You’ll also study negotiating skills and how to detect holes in your professional preparedness.

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Are Online Counselling Worth It?

In recent years, there has been an increase in the demand for and availability of online career counselling and assistance. Many students and professionals are unsure of their job path since there are so many options. Students and professionals may benefit from career assistance from an expert sitting in the comfort of their own homes thanks to online career coaching.

Things are gradually changing now. To guarantee the upliftment of students, CBSE has made it necessary to include a career counselling wing. A fulfilling and rewarding work is a vital component of everyone’s life. If a person’s chosen vocation is one that he enjoys, he may lead his career path in the appropriate way. If not, he will have to repent for the rest of his life. An individual has a plethora of options from which to pick. Furthermore, there is a wealth of information available concerning various job paths. This adds to the confusion, which can only be alleviated by online career counselling and guidance.

Students and professionals may now select the best career route for them and receive a comprehensive career roadmap. This not only allows them to have a joyful profession, but also a defined career path.

Top Fiverr Gigs To Look Upon

Let us look into some of the Fiverr services which you can choose:-

Note: The description and about the gig has been directly taken from Fiverr profile.

Profile Name:  alyssajfain


“I am a professional with experience in the CPG industry. I thrive when creatively communicating with consumers, particularly writing concepts for end-user validation. In 1 year, I compiled, edited, and wrote more than 40 innovation concepts for testing. I also enjoy writing product descriptions and sales decks, and have successfully pitched a new product line to gain incremental distribution at key customers. Personally, I enjoy professional development, budgeting, and resume editing.”


About the Gig:

” I will conduct a mock-interview for professionals in the CPG industry, or those with marketing experience. I come prepared with the most common industry questions and can tailor the questions to particular companies. ”

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Profile Name:  johntseng741



” I am an avid observer of patterns and trends and have been a product manager, content creator, and marketing strategist in industries such as including education, healthcare, technology, and consumer goods. I can help with:

– Copy writing and copy editing

– Product strategy and positioning including growth strategies and customer retention

– Technical writing – Resume writing

– Human centered design – Market and user research. ”

About the Gig:

“I will work with you to ensure that you are able to:

  1. Respond to screening interview questions (typically a recruiter or Human Resources).
  2. Respond to pointed questions and case studies from a Product Management hiring manager.
  3. Ask the correct questions — always remember, interviews are a two-way street
  4. Call out your strengths, values, and leadership qualities.

This gig consists of:

  • Mock interviews: I will role play as a recruiter, a hiring manager, etc. so you can become accustomed to the experience.
  • Coaching session: I will provide detailed feedback about your answers, your tone, use of phrasing, etc.
  • Case studies: We will mirror the situation typically presented at interviews, where you will be asked your point of view and plan of action for specific scenarios related to an organization(s). You will not know questions ahead of time. The purpose of case studies to further demonstrate your knowledge and experience in real-time.”

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Profile Name: ijeomanwaogu



“Greetings! My name is Dr. IJ! My vision is to help you get the support you need to THRIVE. Let’s get started!”


About the gig:

If there’s one thing that disturbs me the most, it’s the number of competent professionals who get PASSED UP for promotions and raises, year after year.


When you’re not getting paid what you KNOW you deserve, you can feel it. Your family can feel it. Your friends can feel it. You are overwhelmed, overworked, undervalued, and annoyed.


I found myself in this very situation and realized, enough is enough. I took steps to transition into my dream career and positioned myself to earn what I am worth. As a career coach, I’ve been showing my clients how to achieve the same success and I want to show you, too.


My clients have been able to leap into careers they absolutely love, get paid what they deserve, and achieve massive respect and praise for their natural abilities without being phony or playing workplace politics.


If you want the same, then I invite you to book a session with me. I’ll help you gain clarity around your career intentions, confident about your next steps, and a master plan to achieve your ideal career.

I look forward to supporting you!”

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Profile Name: tamarayahfoufi



“I currently work in sales & business development and have worked in it in various roles for almost 9 years. I have started working since I was 16 and have yet to fail a job interview. I am here to help you get the job of your dreams by preparing you to present your best self at your interview!”

About the Gig:

Feel stressed before a big job interview? Need someone to support you in your preparation and practice? I got you.

With an almost 9 year career in business development, I have moved 8 jobs so far and I have gotten 9 offers throughout. With over 100 mock interviews under my belt and only 5-star reviews, I am confident that I can help you too.

Our session will include:

  • Practicing to answer generic interview questions
  • Behavioural interview questions (such as “tell me of a time when you..”, or “what would you do if..”.
  • How to express your answers better
  • Give you feedback on mannerisms that might appear less confident and advise you on adapting new ones, whether with the tone of your voice, how you formulate your sentences, how you enunciate the words, all of that and more depending on how we mesh together.”

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This article gives you a basic knowledge about online counselling services, along with some of the top career counselling online services in Fiverr. Hope this helps you.


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