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Top 10 SMPS Price in India | Best PSU for Gaming [2022]

Best PSU for Gaming

Power supplies Units (PSU) are one of the key components that prevent the powerful GPU from getting heated up during intensive gaming etc. The new generation of PSU has cool features like performance monitoring and different power mode that enables optimal efficiency along with reduced fan noise. These units provide stability under a heavy workload. If you are having an advanced PC gaming system and using expensive graphic cards, then opting for one of the best SMPS for PC is a must have. Listed below are 10 best SMPS brand or power supply units for the gaming:-



Corsair VS550 550-Watt Power Supply

  • This unit is a great choice for home or office that has lower power demands. It delivers a guaranteed 550 W of continuous power protecting the components of PC from uneven power delivery. The high-quality capacitors provide reliability and good performance. The single +12 V rail saves the component across multiple power cables. The 120 MM fans are thermally controlled, spins at maximum speed at full load, quietly. Black powder coated Enclosure and the black sleeved cable offers a sophisticated look to the unit. This being one of the best SPMS for PChas active power factor correction (PFC) with PF value of 0.99. It delivers 80Plus efficiency powers as its component can tolerate a range of main voltage support (100to 240 VAC). The price range of the unit is around 3400-3500.

Corsair SMPS

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Deepcool Explorer DE-580 Power Supply

  • This being one of thebest SMPS in Indiahas a 120 mm silent fan with PWM function. It has 2×12 V power rails to save the components of PC from the overvoltage, fluctuation, short circuit or under voltage conditions. The unit has 1 fan and offers a power output of 580 Watts. The price of the unit having compliant Intel ATX 12V version 2.31 specifications is around 3000-3200. For the connectivity, there are four SATA cable option. The dimension of the unit is 150x 86 x 140mm. It comes with a 3year warranty. The unit offers power efficiency for at least 1 00, 000 hours usage.

Deepcool smps


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Cooler Master MWE 550W

  • This series of power supply unit is compact and suitable for most of the systems coming with the three-year warranty and 80Plus bronze power supplies assurance. The 120mm Silencio fan blades run with low noise the seal with LDB bearings offering longer service life. Even in the 40° C, the unit stays cool and quiet. Life expectancy of the unit is around 1, 60,000 hours and has the self-lubricating and dustproof design. Slab cables provide easier cable management, easy cleaning and professional look to the unit along with better airflow within the PC that improves thermal performance and the heat dissipation. In the standby mode, the unit will consume not more than 0.5 watts of power. The price range is around ₹3270 – 3500, with a 5-year warranty on this damage-resistant unit having a built-in over-temperature protection function.

Cooler_Master_SMPS_best psu for gaming

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  • The unit is available in standard ATX form factor and achieves 80+ bronze standard of providing at least 82%, 85%, and 82% power usage efficiency. The efficiency is combined with active power factor correction to Lessen energy wastage. Important features of the unit are stable and proven double forward converter circuit design, smart and silent fan control (S2FC) and highly reliable Japanese brand capacitors and comes with five years warranty. It has the dimensions of 150 X140 X 86cm. The price range is around ₹6000 -7000 along with the universe and video card support and ultra-ventilation features to reduce the line loss or power distortion. The +12 volt output and universal AC input ensure resistance against voltage fluctuations.

best psu for gaming

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iBall Guard CPS-816 (12V) 16 Channel Professional Power Supply ( SMPS )

  • This power supply unit offers for 12 V supply and 240 watts output power. This being one of the best budget SMPS is designed with eight connectors to provide a separate power output. There is 8 cm sleeve bearing cooling fan along with the heat vent and LED indicator for power identification. The dimensions of the unit are 4 x 4.9 x 4” and weight is around 250g. It has been designed with 8 connectors to provide a separate power output. The 16 channel professional power supply is ideal for CCTV bullet and dome cameras. Price of the unit is around ₹1200-1300 and has surged and short-circuited protection feature.

best psu for gaming

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Artis VIP750 750 Watt SMPS Power Supply Unit

  • The unit features active PFC design with maximum 85% efficiency and 99% power factor. This SMT (surface mounted technology) PSU comes with higher integration. The ATX 12 V version 2.3 provides constant reliable power for Intel and AMD chipsets. The 14 cm cooling fan has ultra-silent operational features along with the speed control. Consuming less than one 1V power, the unit support PSU – bottom – set cabinets ErP ready. It has been built to last for around 2, 00, 000 hours   and comes with built-in industrial grade protection for overcurrent, overvoltage, under voltage, short-circuits. It provides the maximum output of 750 W. The time mention is that 14×8×14 cm and weighs around 2.9 KG. The price range of the unit is ₹4800- 5000.


best psu for gaming

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Circle APFC 500 Watts PSU SMPS

  • This PSU Supports technologies like AMD, ATI crossfire, NVIDIA, and Intel. Reducing energy wastage, it boosts power efficiency along with having 500W power supply. It features ATX version 2.31 and supports dual 12 V rail. The unit has been designed with high configuration energy-saving with high efficiency of more than 82%. The super silent 12 cm sleeves bearing fan can be thermally controlled. 100% percent hike – port tested active power factor connection is there. The unit comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty is rise around ₹3000-3100.


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  • This SMPS is a 650 watts 80+ Bronze rated power supply unit which is very durable and is made up of high-quality materials and capacitors. The unit boost 1, 00, 000 hours that means between failures the device increases the reliability and decreases the component failure rate of PC. It also provides Safety from short-circuiting, over temperature/ current/ voltage/ power and under voltage situations to the components of the system. Having auto fan speed control, the power supply unit offers 140mm fans turns to reduce the consumption of power. The 14cm fan noise is near silence along with Smart thermal fan speed control circuit. There is an elegant black casing with full black mesh cables ATXV 12V version 2.30 and is compliant with ATX 12V version 2.31. For higher compatibility and extremely high current output there is a single 12 V rail. The price of the best SMPS for PC is Rs.3900-4000. It comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.


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  • The best for gaming PSU, this 650-watt power supply unit is 80 Plus silver Certified. It comes with a SATA array cable design along with the +12 V single rail that provides strong power to any overloading condition. Being Best SMPS for gaming, DIY experts and hardware enthusiastic, the unit is having 120 mm quite fun along with PCI –E 6+ 2 pin connectors. The power supply unit complies with ATX 12V version 2.31 & EPS 12V 2.92 version. It provides 100% compatibility with the Haswell CPUs. PFC double – circuited overvoltage protection ensures maximum protection to the capacitor. It is fully compatible with the generation Intel Core series processors. The price of the unit is around Rs.6000-Rs.7000.


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EVGA 650 N1 650W

  • This is one of the power supply unit in India which is the great choice at the low-cost. Supporting 52a on a single +12 V rail provides more options without having to reduce component requirements. The unit offers connections and heavy-duty protection, including over voltage, under voltage, overcurrent, overpowered and short-circuit needed for basic system builds. Ultra-quiet fan design, two years warranty, 650 watts are the features of this power supply unit. The price of this SMPS in India ranges between ₹5000-5200. It has a 120 mm sleeve bearing fan with near to silence fan noise.


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