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India’s bestselling books- Inspiring the awe in reader

Best selling books in India

Based on the List published by newspapers, magazines, the publishing industry and book trade figures the best-selling books in India can be bought at the most affordable prices. These books are available on the e-commerce portals as well as in the open market ranging from the Indian authors’ compositions as well as their international counterparts. Anyone can easily acquire the best-selling books from different genres such as Action and Adventure, Crime, Thriller and Mystery, Historical fiction, Business and Economics, Comics and Mangas, Humor, Literature and Fiction, Politics, Religion, Romance, Society and Social Sciences etc.

The bestselling book list with cover page picture has been depicted on the Amazon portal with the rating given by the readers to each book. One may check the best-selling books of all the time based on the reviews and ratings.


Listed below are the top 10 bestselling books from different genres available online for the readers delight:-

 The Girl in Room 105

For Chetan Bhagat’s creations fan, one of his best-selling books ‘The Girl in Room 105’ is available. The book from the author of earlier nine blockbuster books is best sellers since its release. It is actually a story that revolves around love but is the unloved story with an unpredictable twist and turns related to issues of daily life.

 The Perils of being Moderately famous

If you like to read celebrity authors, you may go for Soha Ali Khan’s ‘The Perils of being Moderately famous’. The book is her debut novel and her autobiography

 Life’s Amazing Secrets

If you are inclined towards religious readings you can go Gaur Gopal Das ‘Life’s Amazing Secrets’.  The author is living his life as a monk in an ashram in downtown Mumbai and guides thousands of those living in the city. The author, while traveling across the world, has been sharing his wisdom with top executives, universities, and charities leading a movement that can help others achieve happiness and purpose in their life.

 Harry Potter series

For the young adults and children, there is the Harry Potter series and other comic books from the authors like Ruskin bond.

 Books for Kids

To encourage and inculcate the habit of learning English with ease you can get the best-selling books in India to assist four five-year-old kids. The books provide parents support for their child’s learning at home along with the various activities designed that develops the good learning habits in the kids. The activities in the books render the sense of achievement along with the tips and tricks for the parents using which they can help kids learn faster and in more precise manner. Here Are The List

 Becoming Michelle Obama

Another bestselling book in India on Amazon is ‘Becoming Michelle Obama’ by the Former ‘first lady of United States’ Michelle Obama herself. The lady is the first African – American in this role of a most iconic and compelling woman of the era, the book gets the hand and an insight into her upbringing, her Life with Barack Obama and details about her achievements and lows of life.

 Indian super food

 In case, healthy food motivates you, then Rujuta Diwekar’s ‘Indian super food’ is a must-have asset in your collection of books. The book deals with ways of healthy cooking coming from the backyard and home kitchen.

 How to prepare for the Quantitative Aptitude for CAT

If you are preparing for the management entrance like CAT, the expert Arun Sharma furnishes you with his book ‘How to prepare for the Quantitative Aptitude for CAT’ 8th edition. The book has a detailed explanation of the concepts, question bank for practice, questions with the varying difficulty level and mock papers.

 Hacking for beginners

For computer addict and would be hackers, the ‘Hacking for beginners’ by Cooper Alvin is a book to read for sure. The book deals with guiding tool to make the beginner understand the basic concept of hacking.

 Sita-warrior of Mithila

For reading pleasure of Mythological facts, get the title of ‘Sita- warrior of Mithila’ by Amish which is the story of Sita’s adventures, how this adopted child was raised and later become the prime minister and then ultimately rose to the status of a goddess.

You may visit the bestselling books on Amazon portal where the bestselling books of all the times are easily available with their reviews and brief about the content of the book that can encourage and furnish the prospective reader with details and help them to make a final decision about buying the book.

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