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Goa plans , a Europe trip or a world tour I’m very sure , everyone must have planned these at some point of their lives.  But the question here is that after planning do you go on these trips and tours , let me guess “no ” you didn’t or maybe you will go but just not yet , am I right or am I right .

MONEY  , that one very significant requirement to travel, to make those plans a success and to execute them . In this expensive and fancy time to experience a world  which is filled with beautiful,  mesmerising pieces of art and places that one will be so enthralled by those adventures and completely new exposure that it requires the same fancy amount of money too.

This very piece of disquisition is for travellers,  people who are looking to travel on a Shoestring budget , those travel enthusiasts who are all set and ready to explore the world , a city or a state in a way that a localise knows that certain place .

The heaviest baggage for a traveler is an empty wallet.

Now travelling on a tight budget can be categorised very systematically as

  • when to travel ?
  • accommodation
  • what to pack ?
  • bookings in advance
  • transportation
  • don’t eat away your money
  • advance finalisation of destinations


Now , everyone must be thinking how can we tell you when to travel , we don’t have you yearly planner calendar , we don’t have or know when and how are you planning to take leaves , obviously we don’t know all of that but we know one thing ,  which is simple the demand , supply and price  relationship, don’t get all worried we are not teaching you economics but something as simple as that in vacation season or that peak season of tourism everything tends to have peak charges as well . Now everyone knows this when you travel at the time of summer or winter vacation,  or at the time when it is a general holiday time the charges of hotels , tourist guides,  rentals everything sky rockets but if you visit in a off season you will definitely get the best cheap prices and discounts and as many as cheap benefits of this opportunity so go grab it in off season , now traveling in off season does have it’s own cons but common now one can manage all of that to travel and to feel that satisfaction of exploring the unknown.



Soft beds , room service, fancy food , great ambience ,commendable hospitality and a big chunk of money from your pocket all clubbed together makes one very term ( drum roll ) HOTELS & EXPENSIVE SUITES . Definitely staying in those expensive hotels and suites are delightful but it all takes megabucks , so to save that hard earned money and to get an authentic experience of a place is something one can learn from a student , don’t you agree ? A student knows every place in the city from the most loaded expensive restaurant and tourist spots to the cheapest but worth the visit restaurants and places must visit.  They live in dorms , hostels , PG and makeshift places . Now that we have so many new innovations and options that you can easily get a very nice authentic touch of that city or place while saving your money with a courteous host . That host who can be your own very personal guide ,filled with insider tips for the best eateries and tourist spots , now the options which you have are – hostels , dorms,  Sharing a room naturally divides the costs and communal bunk rooms offer the opportunity to meet people who might be keen to explore with you.

The other alternatives are websites like air bnb , couch surfing .  You can also reach out to our long lost cousins or school friends now living in your decided destination.



Hello last minute packers , last minute packing is a very risky game isn’t it?

It makes you nervous , sometimes people also breakdown while doing so and some people just regret while doing so but what you don’t realise is that you are making a full fledged plan to waste your money by doing so and yes even if u think that what it would just be couple of hundreds,  it is still a waste , a waste is a waste you can’t put ifs and buts in it . When you start packing your luggage and you have almost no time in your hands to make sure that you are packing every essential you will need when you travel , you make it very obvious that when you reach your destination you will be buying those essentials for that place when you already have all of it back at your place . Now , another aspect of packing is that even if you are going to travel in a certain weather condition you still should get at least with you a warm coat or a jacket,  something for the rain too.

Specifically for summers , Summer packing essentials include the “4 S’s”: swimwear, shorts, sunglasses and sun cream make sure you remember these and the list goes on and on as you pack differently for different kinds of gateways.



travel on a budget

I’ll book my flight tickets at the very last moment because I have money which is ready to be flushed down the drain , it makes me a millionaire.

Have you heard anybody saying something like this , like ever . No,  right !

Book your tickets in advance , the airlines release their flight seats up to a year in advance , they are cheaper when you book in advance and you choose which day to travel on and the most important part of your booking that is your return tickets . Think about a scenario where you have had an amazing tour and then you have no money left to get back home . Yes agreed All good things must come to an end but no one told you that the ending should be broken .

If it is a road trip and you have already decided your destination , you have packed your bag , all set to go and then you sit down and search for rentals or some places needs the permit to bring your own car if you are not taking a rental and then reality hits you very hard , you don’t get your rentals on time , there’s a big form to get a permit . So it is better and wiser to book your tickets and rentals in advance .



Great work,  you have saved your money by packing and booking in advance , by getting accommodation considerably cheaper yet comfortable and perfect.  But then you spend a fortune on your commute from one tourist spot to another and much more , well you can dodge this expense in a much more better way , that is with plenty of services available to you , you can take rentals be it be a car or a two wheeler , you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the city and deal with those traditional maps , the cars have GPS you can always use Google maps as well and also if you go back to the accommodation aspect , where you get hosts by staying at any Airbnb or couch-surfing listed houses those hosts can guide you around every nook of the city and can be your travel  companion as well . If not rentals then you definitely have to embrace the local transportation like metros and buses and whatever is available to you at that certain place .




travel on a budget

When you travel , you are always eager to taste the authentic food of that place but along with that you also spend loads of money by eating at fancy unique themed restaurants,  now we don’t advise you to eat only cheaper places , but be smart about where you eat and how you pay your check . Dine at fancy expensive restaurants as well as comparatively cheaper places which have mouthwatering food and variety of cuisines .

Use the  improvement and new technology , there are services available to you in the form of apps which lets you decide where to eat by assisting you with the help of reviews , ratings and a brief yet detailed description of the restaurant also some applications offer you great discounts and offers if you make your reservations by using those apps , namely dine out,  zomato and many more .

advance finalisation of destinations ~


This step is the one which will get your planning started , what attire to pack , what will become your essentials because with every change of the destination your essentials do change accordingly , now one won’t pack swimwear for a trip to hot and dry desert . This gives you an opportunity to research tourist spots , authentic cuisine and also plenty of time to take a deep dive into the research for the hidden gems of that certain place . Booking of flights , hostels and rentals , Everything you plan can only be planned efficiently after the destination is finalised.

Don’t let money stop you from fulfilling your dream of travelling around the world Or to devour different cuisines from all across the globe . Unfold the journey of the unknowns , be wise , be smart and choose like an intellect. These are a few ways for you to keep in mind to begin your globe trotting . Travel can change you in ways you would have never imagined , it is a very different satisfaction, exposure , an addiction for free spirited people. if you have some more tricks and ways,  feel free to share it with us and for all the travellers .

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