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Making a duplicate WordPress site from an Existent WordPress Site

Make a duplicate WordPress site from an Existent WordPress Site :

Copy Your live WordPress site to a local server in simple steps which are shown here.

Steps for Exporting Files from the Live Site:

Step 1: Copy your WordPress Files/Folder from your directory or from Server.


Step 2: Export your current database From Server.


Step 3: Export the Theme from your Live Site

  • Go to the Dashboard
  • Under the Appearances > Tempra Setting (As we have used Tempra Theme)


Steps for Importing Files in the New Site:

Step 1: Edit the exported database file.

  • Open database file in Notepad.
  • Replace all the Old URL with your desired URL like if you want to move on local server then replace all the Siteurl with localhost
  • Save the file.

Step 2: import that edited database file to your server.

  • Make a new Database and assign a name it can be your new site name or anything else which you like.



  • Inside the newly created database import the Database file.



Step 3: Configuring Database Name in “wp-config.php” File.


Before Updating

 After Updating DB name

Step 4: Login in Your dashboard

  • Remember that we did not change any user id and password so the passwords and user id will be same as they are in your live site.
  • if you have occurring problem to login, go to the directory \plugins and deact the plugin.
  • For Deactivate Right click on the plugins folder and select Rename. Change the name of the plugins folder to anything that you like. In our example, we will call it “plugins.deactivate”.
  • Now your login URL will be became Default URL Which is localhost/newsite/wp-admin. You can change it latter, once you get in dashboard.
  • Once you successfully logged in then you can reactivate the plugin by renaming it.

Step 5: Check Your Site

  • Login to localhost WordPress admin dashboard and check all required plugins are activated. You need to check the plugins since some plugins can only work in a live environment. Open your localhost site and check that is now similar to live site.
  • Importing the theme



  • Updating the Permalink Setting (as shown in figure)


These are the Required Steps for copying site from one server to another ……Happy Blogging……..

Thanks for reading ….. ➡ keep tuned with us for more letest ➡ Wordpress Tutorial……. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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