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Best 5 flowers that make your birthday present perfect

Flowers are the medium through which our feelings can make their way straight to the heart of the recipient. If we consider the language of the flowers, then they can be found relating to our every emotion and feeling. They don’t only add colours to the world but also add the same in our lives too and teach us the art of living with their different shades and hues. Due to their beautiful appearance and lovely aroma, they are used for decoration purposes too. A fresh and beautiful flower bouquet can bring a wide smile on anyone’s face easily and can cheer them up with its pleasing aroma. Thus, they make a perfect choice to be given to someone as a present on any occasion and will surely help you to put a nice impression.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the best bouquet ideas that can be chosen as a present to give to someone on their birthday. You can find them on the internet and can take online flower delivery in Gurgaon for the same.



Carnations look simply beautiful and have a spicy scent that can amaze anyone. They come in various hues such as white, light red, dark red, yellow, pink purple, etc. Each shade of them has a different meaning and thus can be used to express the various feelings. White carnations symbolise purity and luck and can be chosen as a birthday present to represent your pure bond with them. you can also opt for a bouquet of dark red carnations that represents love and affection or can also mix them with the white ones to make it look more attractive.


Tulips are known for their unique slender shape that makes them different from the other flowers in terms of appearance. They have a sweet fragrance that can dissolve sweetness in your happy occasions. Thus, you can make someone cheerful and happy with these lovely flowers on their birthday. They come in a variety of colours such as red, white, purple, yellow, etc. The red tulips stand for love and can be added to a bouquet to be given as a birthday present. You can also add the purple ones that symbolize royalty and will make the bouquet look more gracious.



If its the birthday of your sweetheart, then you can get a bouquet of red roses for them that will surely win their heart. According to the language of flowers, red roses define deep love for someone and you can express the same to your someone special with their help. You can also prefer this bouquet for your best friends birthday and express your love for them and tell them that you are thankful to them to be in your life. If you dont want to opt for red roses for your friend, then a bouquet of yellow roses will be perfect as they represent friendship.


These flowers are extremely beautiful and gorgeous. These lovely blossoms come in many shades each having different meanings such as orange, red, pink, purple, yellow, etc. These gorgeous flowers will surely touch the heart of the person to whom you will give them and they will thank you for such an aromatic birthday present. They are generally a symbol of attractiveness and charm which makes them a perfect choice for a birthday present. To make your present i.e. a bouquet of these flowers more gracious and attractive you can mix it with different sorts of flowers.


Lilies are among the most preferred flowers for a present option. This is because they symbolise positivity and happiness which makes them an idle choice for the same. Also, they look very beautiful and have a great scent that can make anyone smile. So, if you are willing to order flowers online then you can opt for these lovely flowers without any doubt which will surely make you stand out of the crowd due to their unique and beautiful appearance.

We hope that you loved this article and it helped you a lot in choosing the right bouquet. You can also send flowers to hyderabad online with the help of various portal to someone on their birthday if you can’t visit them to make them feel your presence with them.


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