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5 Free Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel Subscriber and Views

There are constant changes going on YouTube. A long time ago, people liked the videos of funny dogs and cats flying on skateboards. Now, it has become the platform for marketers.

More than 1 billion hours are watched daily there – which is more than Facebook and Netflix.


Grow Your YouTube Channel

However, the kicker is that just 9% of the small businesses in the US use YouTube!


YouTube is a powerful tool, but for boosting sales, you need to have a large number of subscribers and views.

How to Get More Subscribers and Views on YouTube?

Following are some ways to get more subscribers and views on this platform:

1. Make Compelling Content

Regardless of how many ads or hacks you use; you can’t get more views if your content isn’t compelling. One of the best ways to create the compelling videos is to just recognize what your audience wants from you. After then make videos which meet viewer’s desires.

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An exciting thing occurs when your channels asks the audience what it needs and wants. After then you make that happen – they would think that you have read their minds. Creating videos consistently which solve the viewer’s problems and meet their requirements is vital.

2. Inspire Audience to Subscribe

Did you ever hear the saying, “the best new customer is the old customer”? Or, you can say, retaining customers is a strong method of growing the business. This fact holds true for YouTube also.

That’s why one of the convenient methods is to inspire the current audience to subscribe your channels as acquiring increases the amount of views on every new video which you release.

The best method to make your viewers to subscribe to your channel is to just ask them do so at the start and end of your videos. But never just ask! Be sure that you prompt them also for turning on their notification bells after they subscribe your channel.

3. Make Playlists for Keeping People in-touch

According to the statistics of YouTube, the top brands on the platform built and promoted two times of the playlists than the bottom ones.

So, the main thing isn’t that “want to play another video” for getting views and subscribers actively.

Now, the thing is that “you want to stop playing”. This is subtle however strong enough. And if the videos are good, viewers will keep watching. Playlists also improve the search rankings because playlist titles can help in targeting the keywords.

Another easier way is to make the playlists for navigating to every video you’d liked already by clicking on “+” icon under every video. After then, you can make new playlists or add them to your existing playlists. For getting more subscribers and YouTube views, make playlists having your bets videos and promote them!

4. Promote your Other Videos having cards and end screens

End screens and cards are the tools which can be used for promoting the videos in order to get more subscribers and views. Firstly, you need the verification of your account on YouTube for accessing these features. For doing this, click on the profile picture on top right side and then click on the “creator studio”. Click on the tab of “status and features”

Here, you can view some additional features. Set these up. Now, take a look at cards and end screens. Use them for promoting your videos as per direction and enjoy more views and subscribers.

5. Include a Watermark into Your Videos

The watermarks let you to have more subscribers as well as free views on YouTube by promoting the channel all across the videos. Essentially, the watermarks are just the images which can be set for appearing on every video – many brands use their logos. As the viewers hover their cursor over the watermarks, it takes them to subscribe window.

Here again, you are needed to get your account to be verified on YouTube for being able of uploading the watermarks. This is a worth pointing out thing that you aren’t allowed to choose and pick the videos that display or don’t display watermarks on them – they appear either on every video or don’t appear at all.

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