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Careers in the hospitality industry

Hospitality industry is booming at a fast pace. With plenty of job opportunities available, a career in this industry can really be rewarding. What you need in terms of skill sets is the ability to network and communicate effectively in order to excel in a job in Hospitality. A good grasp of interpersonal and organizational skills is the basic requirement of most jobs in this industry. If you wish to explore this exciting sector and weigh your chances in excelling in this field then keep reading.

Sales and Marketing Manager – Hotel chains of the international cadre not only require new and new customers but also more and more partnerships. Advertising the offerings of the hotel is another requirement of these chains of hotels. Who does all this for them? Of course, the Sales and Marketing professionals. They host events, deliver presentations and make every effort to improve the image of the hotels and enhance sales.


Hotel Receptionist – A routine monotonous job as you may tag it, it is the most crucial one in fact. You are the face of the hotel, the first person to greet a new customer; you can make or break the image of the hotel. As a Receptionist you are expected to welcome all customers, maintain databases, attend to calls and handle the front desk.hospitality industry

Cruise Ship Entertainer – Whether you are a musician or a magician, whether you are a dancer or a singer, whether you are a DJ or a guest entertainer you will make lot of money being in this job. Entertainment is the core of your job all day long or even in the night; be ready for a hectic schedule and don’t forget to enjoy the facilities on the cruise when you are not performing.

Head Chef – Three places where you can really make it big – Restaurants, cruise ships and casinos. If you have the knack to play with the taste buds of your customers you will attract all the attention. Chart out a menu, supervise the kitchen staff, look after the orders and ensure everything is in place, that’s the role of a Head Chef.


Tour Guide – Now this one’s exciting for someone who loves to travel and knows in and out of geography. An understanding of the local culture and cuisines surely is beneficial for someone in this role. If you are a people’s person and have great endurance (since you will be constantly on the move) you will rock as a Tour Guide.hospitality industry

Beauty Therapist – Hotels these days have Spa’s. If you have the required skills in providing beauty treatments and experience in dealing with customers first hand you can get hired easily. Expect a higher pay package than what you would earn at a local salon.

Travel Agent – Travel Agents deal with clients who are interested in planning for a vacation or a business visit. All arrangements right from booking of flights to hotel rooms, travel schedules and city tours are made by Travel Agents.

Event Manager – Event Managers are in demand now-a-days more than ever. Organizing events especially for a chain of hotels or arranging for official meetings/conferences is the basic job of an Event Manager. They take care of the arrangements end to end and ensure smooth functioning of the event. They have the knack work in a controlled environment; following instructions of the host to the T while keeping a check on the budget approved could be a tedious job.hospitality industry

Flight Attendant – Don’t be fooled by the stunning and sensational look of the Flight Attendants. The rigor they go through is far from what we see on their faces. If you are considering this career remember you have to deal with long hours at work, jet lags, mid air crisis and irate clients.

Understanding the pros and cons of every job and weighing them against your skill sets and interests is the right way to interpret which job suits you the best. Connect with professionals at Leverage Edu today to understand how you could make it big in your career. Groom yourself with the right skills and knowledge base before you plunge in to any of these jobs. Ask Leverage Edu professionals how you could do that.


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