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Amazing handmade rakhi gift ideas that speak your heart out

Handmade rakhi gift ideas

We all are aware of the excitement level among the people at any festival celebrated in India. But, Raksha Bandhan is the festival in which a very high excitement level can be seen among the siblings as this festival is associated with the bond of the brothers and the sisters and depicts their love. Brothers show their love and affection towards their sister by giving them gifts and the sister does the same by tying rakhi on their wrist. Thus, you can give a touch of love to the gifts that you want to give to your siblings by preparing them yourself.


In this article, we will be sharing some of the handmade gift ideas that you can give to your siblings to cheer them up. You can get online rakhi delivery and can club it with your handmade gift to make it a perfect one.


Raksha Bandhan is mainly focused on the ritual of tying the rakhi. Buying rakhis from the market is very common but if you want to make your brother feel special then you can prepare a rakhi for them at home by yourself. Making a rakhi at home is not that difficult and thus it can be made very easily by following just a few simple steps. You can learn to make it by watching the various video tutorials available over the internet and can choose the easiest method.


All of us have thousands of memories with our dear sibling and many of those moments are now just locked in our smartphones in the form of a picture. Thus, you can use those pictures to transform them into a beautiful gift for your sibling. This can be done easily by printing out those pictures and arranging them on the sheet in the form of a picture collage. Your loving sibling will have tears of happiness in their eyes when they will get such a thoughtful gift from you.



A wall poster may sound simple to be given as a present on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan to your sibling but it can be one of the best gifts that you can give to them. You can design a wall poster by writing lovely messages and quotes over it like the best sibling in the world and can also apply their picture on it to make it look more interesting. Your sibling will appreciate your efforts in creating such a great wall poster for them and will adorn the walls of your house with your love and affection.


Posting the pictures on social media is nice but what if you can create a lovely gift for your sibling by pasting photographs in a scrapbook. All you need to do to create this lovely gift is to collect all the photographs of you and your sibling together and paste them to form a timeline of your childhood. You can paste the photographs to form a timeline series from your childhood to present and can also decorate it with ribbons and pearls to make it look more attractive.


If you and your sibling are way too artistic and creative then you can create a comic that features you and your sibling and can roll out all the crazy adventures and experiences you have with them over it. Your sibling will love the way you will present all those experiences and will not only appreciate you for the gift but will also feel proud of you for such a great gift. So, don’t only rely on online portals to send rakhi to delhi & gifts online but also make a handmade gift to win their heart.

We hope that you loved this article and will surely surprise your brother with any one of them. So, create a gift yourself and also order rakhi gift online and club them to form a great gift.


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