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India- China escalated tensions maybe towards a war ?

As we all mourn to the deaths of our soldiers that happened due to a escalation of conflict on the disputed border between India – China , here is a detailed description and stating the whole situation as it is along with what are the reactions from both sides and the repercussion. Since this  a news which can be interpreted a lot of ways we are trying to be as much authentic and using information from authentic sources . Read till the end and let us know what are your opinion .

First let’s start with the history of Sino-India war aka India- China war  or Sino- Indian border conflict-


The main cause of the war was a dispute over the sovereignty of the widely separated Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh border regions. Akasai Chin to be claimed by china to be a part Xinjan g (contains an imp road that links China to Tibet ) and India to belong to Kashmir.

LAC (line of actual control  ) –  is a loose demarcation that separates Indian and Chinese controlled territory , it refers to the western border sector of the borderland , it acts as an effective border with the two countries together with the disputed The Mc Mohan line and a small disputed

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The Mc Mohan Line – as we all know this border proposal introduced by  the british administrator , which runs along the foothills of Himalayas and the on other side through Tibet . It was an agreement done between Tibet and British barring China out . It was not acceptable by China however due to following events and World War I India used it to patrol the eastern borders and hence it was officially taken over by India.

Now through a series various escalating events and both countries occupying and setting outposts by sending troops on the disputed areas it led to  a war . The war came to an end when the Chinese people’s liberation army reached it claimed lines  and called for a ceasefire.


Now let’s come back to 2021

After all the settlement Lac today consists of – Eastern sector –  Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim, Middle sector – Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, Western sector –  Ladakh.

Now the Chinese troops started its expansion on Pngong lake as the boundaries used by both countries are still not very clear , For India, the LAC is 3,488 km long, however for China, it is just 2,000 km long. So India has it activities and troops laid accordingly which is not acceptable by Chinese

Now in response to the Chinese troops India to increased its military presence along the border. The countries had sought out the a diplomatic path toward a peaceful de-escalation , the armies of India and China communicated through diplomatic and military channels to reach an agreement regarding the situation in Eastern Ladakh . As per the reports both the  nations have agreed to ‘ameliorate the border situation’ and both the troops were moving back . However China did not retract its troops from the Finger 4 in Pangong lake  , an area within India’s territory and were likely to be held solve the issue .

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Before we move on  any further I would like to clarify te difference between LAC and LOC

LAC – is a deputed border between India and China with no official maps exchanged on certain sectors and bot nations kind of assumed and stretched things over .

LOC – aka line of control is a border between India and Pakistan and is officially marked on the map of both countries and has a proper agreement signed in its evidence known as the Shimla Agreement.

Coming back , ON Monday night i.e on 15th June 2021 tensions between Indian and Chinese soldiers flared up ,leading to a deadly clash in decades  with casualties on both sides ( India says so) . Over 20 Indian soldiers and over 40 Chinese soldiers died in a fight literally with weapons such as rods , stones and fists were used .

Now India started its  plans to strengthen their roads and connectivity which comes closer to the China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ going into neighbouring Pakistan. However as mentioned above both the countries agreed to withdrew its troops .

China contends that India is building Infrastructure connecting China and Pakistan which will increase Indian troops and army installation in the corridor and has also concerned over India’s decision to scrap section 370 in Kashmir.

So both the countries had agreed to not lay any troops in the buffer region and withdraw the ones which were already there but China did enter the buffer region which was not accepted by the Indian soldiers , India said that the clash was a result of “an attempt by the Chinese side to unilaterally change the status quo” , rebutting China’s claims that Indian soldiers crossed the borders.

There are a list of other reasons which resulted to this –

  • ‘China’s bashing’ due to the pandemic Covid -19 and India’s increasing presence in the world healthy organisation which is blaming china for its irresponsible handling of the disease and taking the measures before hand which could have prevented this to become a world outbreak pandemic
  • Also China’s increasing presence in the Indian ocean which could harm India’s geo strategic advantage there.

In response to the clash PM Modi stated “India wants peace but when instigated , India is capable of giving a befitting reply “ . US president Donald trump p extended his support to New Delhi to negotiate with China, stating he was “ready, willing and able to mediate” between the two Asian neighbours, an offer that was rejected by New Delhi. In any case, such an attempt would have been futile due to the inherent mistrust in US-China ties. Russia remained neutral though due to its good and strategic relation with bothy countries.

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