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9 Ways to boost SEO of a WordPress Site (WordPress SEO Guide)

Building a Wordpress site is quite easy whereas ranking on google ain’t. This is the reason where SEO comes in picture. Search Engine Optimization is a lot more than just optimising it for the Google ranking, it is also responsible for sending thousands and millions of traffic to your Wordpress site. Imagine the name and fame your site would start receiving when you begin to be appearing on the 1st page of the Google by getting the attraction of enormous numbers of eyes.

Sounds exciting? Great! Let’s dive right in and have a look at the proven ways to improve the SEO of a WordPress site.


1.Website Speed

seo wordpress

Optimization of a site is as important as designing it, ‘cause in the end, how does the site gonna benefit you if it is not appearing in the google search?Site’s speed depends on various factors like the image’s size, server speed etc. 


2. Put most important keywords at the few beginning paragraphs

Having plenty of keywords at the very beginning of the post is what google searches for in actual. It gives the google a hint that yes this is it for a user is searching for in the search box and henceforth making it a priority on the list.

3. Analyse your theme

Your theme is the welcome point for the visitors. It can make them stay for a longer period of time or even close the tab within a few seconds. The theme is the decision maker of the look and feel of the website and determines its layout. The SEO-friendly themes are the ones that enable to rank higher in the search engine.

 Check out some beautiful themes for your WordPress site here. 

4. Ensure all your images have alt text

An alternative text strengthens the message of your blogs with search engine spiders and improves the visibility and accessibility of your website. The alt tag on the image should describe what is on the image or that perfectly describes an image.

5. Install an SEO plugin

A Yoast SEO plugin is for the optimization of the WordPress site in order to keep a check as for whether enough amount of content is there in order to rank on the first page of the google. It, in fact, adds a few more functionalities to your site. Check out here to read more about Yoast SEO plugin.

6. Block spam comments

So why exactly the spam comments are bad for your blog? See, it is very simple. What happens is, google caches those comments which are nowhere going to link up with your blog and from nowhere going to benefit you. Hence, it decreases the website rank. So for the safe side, you need to block all the spam comments.

Check Out some Useful Plugin

7. Fix broken links in the blog post

Although it can be a bit daunting task to check for all the links that have already been there but leading to nowhere in the end. Meaning a hyperlink which is linked to an empty or nonexisting webpage. This thing needs to be revised within a regular interval of time just to assure your Google ranking doesn’t get dropped by due to this reason.

8. Try creating viral content to rank higher

Boost Seo of Wordpress

By making it shareable on social bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, tumbler, one can easily get the desired reach. focus more on the social channels of the blog

9. Integrate social media buttons on the posts

Social SEO

It enables the viewers to share the posts to which they like and want their friends and followers to read them. Enabling social media buttons also allow your site to rank higher. This is because google nowadays analyzes the posts that have more likes, comments and broadly shared on social media.Having revised all the above-mentioned steps, you too can give a tough competition at the race of getting placed at the first page of the search engine.


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