Prevent Windows running Applications

Not Allowing Selected Applications to Run on Windows.

Note: It Prevents Windows running the applications you specify in this setting.

If you enable this setting, users can prevent windows running applications that you add to the list of disallowed applications.
This setting only prevents users from running programs that are started by the Windows Explorer process. It does not prevent users from running programs, such as Task Manager, that are started by the system process or by other processes. Also, if you permit users to gain access to the command prompt, cmd.exe, this setting does not prevent them from starting programs in the command window that they are not permitted to start by using Windows Explorer.
1) Open Run (by Pressing Win+R) and Type ‘ gpedit.msc ‘.
2) This Opens “Group Policy Editor”.
3) Now goto “User Configration”.
4) Now goto “Administrative Templates”
5) Now under it goto “System”.
6) Open ” Don’t run specific Windows Application “.
7) Click on ” Enable”.
8) Open “List of Disallowed Applications”.
9) Click on the ‘ * ‘ sign
10) Now Enter any value such as:-
Ex: Notepad.exe to stop notepad from opening.
       Vlc.exe to stop vlc from opening.
In the similar way you can also stop any game from opening by entering its main “.exe” file in the list.
11) Now if you try to open any application it will give the Following error.
12) To remove the above setting just change it to either “Not Configured” or to “Disable”

Thank You and Enjoy.


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