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6 smart ways to a prominent Instagram exposure

As soon as we hit the ‘post’ button, what we want is more likes, more comments, and engagements. Right? See, It won’t happen in a night.

For instance, I am a photographer, and I post my clicks on my Instagram feed. How should I do it? Do I need to think of the ways and tricks that would play a significant role in catching the audience’s attention or I should post it blindly?  The former one right?


There are some good practices for posting the pictures on Instagram. We need to figure out the ways that would enhance the beauty of every post.

Smart ways to a prominent Instagram exposure

#1 Optimization

Whether we should post it in a landscape mode or a portrait mode are some of the characteristics that can be kept in mind while displaying the images.The longer image would gather the public’s attention faster than that of the landscaped. You will notice that landscape shots are never going to perform well as compared to the portrait shots as it does not fully able to make the user keep and hold the picture for so long.

#2 Content is the king

What is the content? Your Instagram feed answers this question very efficiently. But hey! Does that feed make any sense?


Are you on the right page where you initially thought to have when you made your Instagram account? If the answer to these questions is ‘No,’ then you need to hold everything aside and take a pause and analyze what is wrong with it. What made you diverted through your path?

Posting the relevant and appropriate content matters a lot on the Instagram app. Your followers are on the lookout of what you are posting. It should not be any piece of shit showing irrelevance to your profile as simple as that. Every piece of the post must have a ‘WOW’ factor in it

#3 Formatting is imperative

Any piece of content we post on YouTube, Facebook or any other social media have different methods of formatting the posts, media according to the platforms. If we talk about Instagram, apparently it is all about grabbing the user’s attention, making them stay on your post as they scroll down the app 24×7. And if you can steal their 20-30 seconds to make them stay for a while on your post, trust me you won!

#4 Maximize the captions – call to action

How to boost the engagements through captions? Well, now the point is if you have not been doing this caption stuff ever since you must change your game. And if you have been putting up simple captions just stating the facts all over then again it requires some modification. Writing captions is a big deal you see. Asking some questions with the posts takes the engagement factor to quite a high level. Indeed that is true!

Putting up some questions is like have you ever been to this place? Share your experience in the comments below. This provokes them to get engaged with your posts. Sounds cool? Start implementing it.

Best Instagram captions for friends

#5 Hashtags is the game changer

hastag instagram

Many people search their favorite stuff on a search through the hashtags. And your post can stand a chance in the crowd of billions to rank at the top feeds on Instagram if you use rich, content related hashtags. Hashtags play well if you get to use them at the right place in the correct format.

#6 Make use of stories and LIVES

Using stories and going live is another significant activity for your engagement.

Let us take you back to the algorithm for a second. So the algorithm wants to serve people with the best content. Okay. So think like this way, the goal of the platform is to keep the users on the platform for a very long time by making them happy with the content they are looking for. Because the longer people spend time on the platform, the more they can advertise you and the more money they are going to make out of your attention on this app.

Just take a moment to open up your Instagram and check a few of the people you follow. As they post a piece of content and then put up a story saying that ‘have you checked the latest post, I have been working on this for a while. Give it a like! They are also going live spreading awareness about their most recent post. And if your posts get more engagement, more likes, and comments, the Instagram thinks your post is doing a great job, and it boosts it to the top where more of your followers will be able to see it. It is pretty silly to not using those features when you know it is there with you.

Apart from the points discussed above, there is another key factor to keep in mind is the ‘time of posting.’ It matters a lot. There are some hot hours when people are most active on the app and some hours when they are least active. Try figuring it out of your own country. Say Saturday and Sundays are the most active days where people spend their days scrolling and scrolling

You can play with the rule of the algorithm, try fiddling with it that way. You will for sure be able to make it with the broader range of audiences and get more reach and exposure than ever!

Happy Instagramming!!


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