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Competition to Continuum

Since Windows 10 mobile was launched, Microsoft has been focusing on its new feature called Windows 10  Continuum, which lets a user doc his/her phone to use it as a PC, complete with a mouse, keyboard, Ethernet jack, SD card slots and even USB Ports. Ubuntu tried to compete with it with its Ubuntu phones, but the Open Source Project failed miserably in developing on its promise, but now it looks like Microsoft has come real competition from Jide’s Remix OS.


Jide has previously launched Surface Like tablets and Desktops that can run Android Apps on desktop mode, optimized for large screen and usable with a mouse and keyboard. The company today announced that its new version of Remix OS for phones would turn your PC into a monitor once it is connected to a monitor. The OS, just like its predecessor, will be a custom ROM of Android and it should work with all apps made for Android.

Jide’s new Remix OS should be launched by the second half of 2017. The company has named Continuum like feature as Singularity.

When talking to The Verge, Jide’s co-founder David Ko said that the new ROM would be as close to stock as possible. Whenever the phone is docked, Remix OS’ UI will be shown on the screen.


Windows 10 Continuum works well for Microsoft made apps for Windows 10. Jide’s approach may be more attractive to users if all apps work and the performance is better while keeping the cost reasonable, time will tell how well Jide does, but the idea of an Android-based smartphone-PC convergence sure sounds impressive.

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