Data analytics is the science of studying raw data in order to draw conclusions about it. Many data analytics approaches and procedures have been turned into mechanical processes and algorithms that operate on raw data for human consumption. Today we will be throwing light upon some of the best data analytics in Fiverr.

  • Data analytics is the science of studying raw data in order to draw conclusions about it.
  • It approaches and procedures have been mechanised into mechanical processes and algorithms that operate over raw data for human consumption.
  • Data analytics may help a company improve its performance.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is a broad phrase that incorporates a wide range of data analysis techniques. In Data analytics, the  techniques may be used to any sort of information to get insight that can be utilised to improve things. Data analytics approaches can uncover trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in a sea of data. This data may then be utilised to enhance procedures in order to boost a company’s or system’s overall efficiency. Manufacturing firms, for example, frequently record the runtime, downtime, and work queue for various machines and then analyse the data to better schedule workloads so that the machines perform closer to peak capacity.


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Importance of Data Analytics

Data analytics is critical since it allows firms to improve their performance. Companies that include it into their business models can help cut costs by developing more efficient methods of doing business and storing massive volumes of data. A corporation may also utilise data analytics to make better business decisions and monitor consumer patterns and satisfaction, which can lead to the development of new—and better—products and services.


The banking industry was one of the early adopters. In the banking and finance industries, data analytics is used to forecast market trends and analyse risk. Credit ratings are an example of data analytics that has a broad impact. These ratings employ a large number of data points to estimate loan risk. Data analytics is also used to detect and prevent fraud, which helps financial organisations increase efficiency and minimise risk.

However, the utility of data analytics extends beyond increasing revenues and ROI. Data analytics has the potential to give crucial information for healthcare (health informatics), criminal prevention, and environmental protection. These data analytics applications employ these approaches to better our planet.

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Steps in Data Analytics

  • The first stage is to identify the data needs or how the data is organised. Age, demographic, economic, and gender data may all be segregated. Data values might be numerical or grouped into categories.
  • The process of gathering data is the second phase in data analytics. This may be accomplished through a variety of means, including computers, internet sources, cameras, environmental sources, and humans.
  • Once the data has been acquired, it must be arranged in order to be examined. This might happen on a spreadsheet or any type of programme that can handle statistical data.
  • The data is then cleansed before being analysed. This implies it has been cleansed and reviewed to verify there is no duplicate or error, and that it is not missing any information. This process aids in the correction of any inaccuracies before the data is sent to a data analyst for analysis.

Who uses Data Analytics?

Data analytics has been utilised by various industries, including travel and hospitality, where response times can be short. This industry may collect client data and determine where, if any, problems exist and how to resolve them. Healthcare is another industry that uses large amounts of structured and unstructured data, and data analytics may aid in making timely judgments. Similarly, the retail business makes extensive use of data to fulfil the ever-changing needs of customers.

Types of Data Analytics

  • Descriptive analytics: This outlines what happened over a specific time period. Has the amount of views increased? Are sales up this month compared to last?
  • Diagnostic analytics is more concerned with why something happened. This requires more diversified data sources as well as some hypothesis testing. Was the weather a factor in beer sales? Did the most recent marketing effort have an effect on sales?
  • Predictive analytics: This focuses on what is expected to occur in the near future. What happened to sales over the last scorching summer? How many weather forecasts call for a scorching summer this year?
  • Prescriptive analytics: This type of analytics advises a course of action. If the probability of a hot summer is more than 58 percent based on the average of these five weather predictions, we should add an evening shift to the brewery and rent an extra tank to improve output.

What do Data Analysts do?

A data analyst’s job include dealing with data across the data analysis pipeline. This entails interacting with data in a variety of ways. Data mining, data management, statistical analysis, and data display are the major phases in the data analytics process. The significance and balance of these processes are determined by the data utilised and the purpose of the study.

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Some of the famous Data Analytics gigs on Fiverr are:-

Note: The description and about the Gig have been directly taken from Fiverr profile.

Profile Name: shahriar17


Check Profile On Fiverr


“This is Md Shahriar, currently studying BBA at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am also a professional data analyst at Fiverr. I have a vast amount of experience in analysing and interpreting data.”


About the Gig:

Hi there!

I am an expert statistical data analyst and if you are looking for a dedicated and professional data analyst for your research paper or any large data set then you are in the perfect place. I offer statistical data analysis starting from $5 basic to $50 premium gig package as I promise to keep my value and dedication to satisfy you ultimately.


I will:

  • Data cleaning
  • Basic statistics (frequency distribution, pie/bar chart, histogram, scatter plot, etc.)
  • Descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation etc.)
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Testing statistical assumptions (normality, homoscedasticity, linearity etc.)
    One/two-sample t/z test
  • Independent & paired sample t-test
  • Analysis of variance/ANOVA (one way and n way)
  • Chi-square tests
  • Correlation analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Specificity and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Positive predicted value and Negative predicted value
  • Factor analysis
  • Time series and Forecasting
  • Report and Dashboard”

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Profile Name: ismail_ghmimat1


Check Profile On Fiverr


“I’m a Data Science Enthusiastic from Morocco , I’ll help you solve your Data Science Problem from Statsical Learning to Machine Learning with its both sides (Supervised And Unsupervised Learning) and finally Deep Learning Models (ANN , CNN , RNN , Time Series LSTM ….)”

About the Gig:

Hi I’m Ismail


I work on jupyter notebook for data science, data analysis and Machine learning tasks. I develop professional Jupyter Notebooks with proper comments at each step. I use pandas python for Data Analysis.


Machine Learning Services:


  • Predictive Models
  • Regression
  • Clustering
  • Visualization
  • Text Classification
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM)
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Supervised / Unsupervised Learning
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Customer Analytics
  • Credit Risk Modeling
  • Features Engineering

Deep Learning Services:


  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN) / MLP
  • Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
  • Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)

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Profile Name: emilyccoughlin


Check Profile On Fiverr



“Research, Data & Design! I am a graphic designer turned medical data scientist that will help you turn your data into beautifully designed products. I can help with study design, data analysis, research papers, conference posters, data visualizations, presentations and infographics!”

About the Gig:

Hello! My name is Emily.

I am a full-time statistical data analyst currently working in medical research. I am well-published in the medical field and will create publication-quality analysis and results write-up for your project.

Whether your project is still in the design stage or your data is already collected, I can help ensure everything is done properly.

What you can expect:

  • Help designing project/survey
  • Data cleaning
  • Report of descriptive stats & frequencies
  • Basic to advanced analysis
  • Thorough explanation of tests and interpretation of results
  • Full report including beautiful visualizations, charts and figures (I have a background in graphic design)
  • Creation of tables for publication
  • Professional write-up of methods and results in high-quality publication-ready format

I have a masters degree in biostatistics and graduate certificate in business analytics. I can use the following programs for your analysis:


  • SPSS
  • SAS
  • Tableau
  • Excel
  • Revman (meta-analysis)

(If needed)

  • R
  • Stata
  • Power BI

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Hope this article helps you to find the best data analytics on Fiverr. Thank you.


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